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Ormondroyd: the interview

Shambolically useless interview with Chief Exec Bum Disease Ormondroyd in this week’s issue of Venue. Unfortunately I’ve left my copy at work so can’t post it in full until tomorrow but mainly the interview’s a study in what happens if … Continue reading

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Good cause for a riot

Much disappointment across the cash-strapped voluntary sector this evening following the publication of Venue’s ‘Summer of Rage’ issue. Unfortunately the impressive assembly of riot experts and professionals unaminously agreed there was no chance of any rioting in Bristol this summer. … Continue reading

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I'd like to thank my hairdresser …

It came out of a clear blue sky didn’t it? Who’d have ever thought it? But there will be no boasting, smugness and gloating here at the Award Winning Bristol Blogger (please note the name change and adjust accordingly in … Continue reading

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Account and accountability: The Blogger vs Venue

The Blogger wrote a letter recently to Venue in response to an article on local bloggers, which featured this blog. Of course I can’t link to the actual article because they still don’t put their editorial on the internet … … Continue reading

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A new trough for a new day

It looks like cash-strapped Stephen Williams MP has come up with a new and imaginative way to squander taxpayers money. How about paying to publish – in the local glossie for the yoof, Venue – a sartorially challenged picture of … Continue reading

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A bad week for …

Editing a provincial newspaper has never been the most intellectually rigorous of tasks. Traditionally the ability to create an aggressively macho management culture by bullying the work experience girl; grooming a couple of contacts in the local Rotary Club; having … Continue reading

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When we was fab

The term “fab” in this flyer may be laced with a certain irony since the address beneath it places Venue’s new offices on the 2nd floor of the Evening Cancer’s terrifying HQ – that rarely mentioned eighth circle of hell, … Continue reading

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Stat Porn: 100,000 Up!

On Thursday The Bristol Blogger got their 100,000th hit. This has taken 33 weeks and means that The Blogger is averaging over 3,000 hits per week since it started in March. However the blog is currently getting between 5-6,000 hits … Continue reading

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Tough at the top?

Clearly it’s not just Heather Tomlinson feeling the pressure and turning into a raving paranoid loon who’s lost all their bearings. Mike Norton, Bristol United Press’s Group Editor responsible for all their local publications including The Cancer, The Depress and … Continue reading

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Venue in gay fire fighters shocker!

Turned to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Tri, Trans and None of the Above-sexual pages of today’s Venue magazine – the nearest thing we have to a liberal voice here in Tory Town – hoping to read some informed comment from … Continue reading

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