When we was fab

Venue - we are moving

The term “fab” in this flyer may be laced with a certain irony since the address beneath it places Venue’s new offices on the 2nd floor of the Evening Cancer’s terrifying HQ – that rarely mentioned eighth circle of hell, the Brown Lubianka.

Indeed the never-less-than-excellent Advanced Circuits website’s (“Join over 14.408 Engineering Customers and 838 PCB Assemblers”) must-see Printed Circuit Manufacturing Glossary even defines “fab” as “fabrication”. Spooky or wot?

But then maybe if you don’t mind the company of ghoulish Northcliffe accountants dressed in pinstripes; you urgently need access to cancer charity press releases by the crate load and you don’t mind bumping into a slightly deranged looking Cancer editor-in-chief, Mike Norton, in the lift with his Nazi armband dangling out his pocket as he makes his way to the terrace garden for the ritual burning of the day’s supply of letters from dangerous local lefties, you could well think the place is “fab”.

‘ Tis the end of an era and more bad news for the remnants of journalism in Bristol I’m afraid.

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  1. BristleKRS says:

    I’m sure the shock of being packed off to the concrete gulag will be offset by being able to access the Northcliffe/DM&GT picture bank, packed full of unpublished photos of, impolitic captions pertaining to, and dubious ‘legal opinions’ about numerous people in the public eye.

    It’s like your own private Hello magazine! 😉

    I hear the section on cannabis copper-turned-LibDem mayoral hopeful Brian Paddick is particularly good…

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