Bristol City Council – to use their own strangulated bureaucratise – are to take “the opportunity to fully address the issue of the actions of David Bishop,” the Blogger learns tonight. Although quite why they can’t just address the actions of David Bishop is anybody’s guess.

However our translation team seem to think this means they will be launching an investigation into Bishop in the near future.

But don’t hold your breath on this one as the person going to be doing this investigation is Bishop’s subordinate, Tim Sheppard, the council’s Complaints Manager.

And he won’t be troubling us with stuff like what the terms of reference for this investigation might be, who he’s reporting to, what time scale he’s working to, who he’ll be speaking to, whether the result will be made public or anything else that might distinguish his efforts from absurdly amateurish cover-up attempt.

More on this soon along with a fascinating insight into what council officers think democratically agreed policy means …

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2 Responses to ***RED TROUSER GATE FLASH***

  1. Spectator says:

    Whatever the Council’s idea of democratically agreed policy is, I suspect that I’m going to find it completely baffling.

    The strange and idiosyncratic idea of democracy promoted by BCC is leaving me increasingly confused. I’ve begun to have odd dreams where I’m a rat in a maze taking part in one of those psychology experiments.

    I’m starting to thing that I’d rather live in some kind of honest, in your face dictatorship… at least I’d know where I stood, which is a damned sight more than I can say now.

  2. Sue D says:

    I think Kafka was contracted to draw up most of BCC’s policies and procedures.

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