Venue in gay fire fighters shocker!

Turned to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Tri, Trans and None of the Above-sexual pages of today’s Venue magazine – the nearest thing we have to a liberal voice here in Tory Town – hoping to read some informed comment from a gay perspective on the gay issue sweeping the city at the moment. This is, of course, the recent controversy over the disciplining of four Avon Fire & Rescue Service fire fighters for disturbing a load of men shagging each other on The Downs.

Unfortunately, it seems, the story’s failed to make the cut and has been spiked in favour of the apparently more newsworthy: “DADDY’S ON THE MOVE: Daryl W Bullock reports on the relocation of the Bristol Bear Bonanaza”!

No doubt news that Bristol’s bear festival may be moving from the Stag and Hounds in Old Market is truly fascinating stuff to those twenty people out there who really give a fuck . . . Good to see Venue’s got its news values sorted . . .

Somewhat disappointed we turn instead to the ‘Get me started’ opinion column at the front of the mag in search of some penetrating opinion. Here we’re confronted by some horrifying upper middle class bint called Harriet lecturing us about breast feeding.

Fact: people like Harriet need to fuck off, not be given space in the media to moralise to us about what they think to be their superior lifestyle choices. The world doesn’t need any more Madeleine fucking Buntings OK?

COMING SOON: The Bristol Blogger EXCLUSIVELY on that GAY FIRE FIGHTER FRENZY. The city’s leading gay commentator with the straight talking analysis others fear to print . . . Not to be missed!!!

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