Tough at the top?

Clearly it’s not just Heather Tomlinson feeling the pressure and turning into a raving paranoid loon who’s lost all their bearings.

Mike Norton, Bristol United Press’s Group Editor responsible for all their local publications including The Cancer, The Depress and Venue, also appears to be under a little bit of strain at present. Why else would he be writing letters of complaint to one of his own publications?

Today’s Venue finds this letter (link not available because they’re still not on the bloody internet) from Norton, who actually runs the damn magazine, taking pride of place:

While not wishing to sound like one of the Evening Post letter writers you ridiculed in last week’s edition [’50 Things To Do’, issue 788], I would like to put your writer straight on some facts about our letters page and defend the 1,700 people who send us a letter, email or internet comment every week.
Your writer may be surprised to learn that: 1) All the letters are from “actual real people”. 2) None of the letters we receive are written in green crayon. 3) Far from conforming to a “reactionary” stereotype, letters from Bristolians can often be very erudite and thought-provoking.
Mike Norton, Editor, Evening Post

On the matter of point number 2 at least, Norton is entirely correct. It’s not his readers who write in green crayon is it? That’s the reporters.

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5 Responses to Tough at the top?

  1. Dave Angel says:

    Never mind a Venue website, The Evening Post must be one of the clunkiest news websites going. It repeatedly crashes on me, kicks me out or only loads adverts for double glazing.

    Am I alone in suffering with the Evening Post website?

  2. Woodsy says:


    Given the standard of journalism in Mr Norton’s pathetic organ, did you honestly expect the website to be any different?

  3. The Last Bristolian says:

    Well, it’s not as thoughthey HAVE to offer anything competetive is it!

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    ‘Tis true The Cancer’s website is junk. Slow with a useless search function and no archive – who thought it was a good idea? And why? Do they bother to ask the increasing amount of people who actually use the web for news what they want and need?

    It’s hardly surprising the dead tree press is collapsing in this town they’re so technically off the pace it’s laughable. Someone recently told me they placed an advert in Venue and got nil response. They put it on Gumtree and got over ten. The writing is on the wall . . .

  5. Janet and John says:

    Junk indeed. They couldn’t even find a way to have an online ‘petition’ for their Cadbury’s in Keynsham campaign (other than a jpeg of the slip they print in the paper). That ‘campaign’, by the way, might go down as one of the oddest. The Evening Post pro-union? No. Just a cynical marketing ploy in a town where the Bath Chroncile no longer publishes daily, meaning there’s a gap in the dailies market. I wonder which local evening paper might try to fill that!?

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