Good cause for a riot

Much disappointment across the cash-strapped voluntary sector this evening following the publication of Venue’s ‘Summer of Rage’ issue.

Unfortunately the impressive assembly of riot experts and professionals unaminously agreed there was no chance of any rioting in Bristol this summer.

Bone even chipped in from London declaring, “There will be no riots in Bristol”.

Oh dear. There’s goes any chance of some much-needed government regeneration funding arriving in the city for the forseeable future then.

One voluntary sector insider told the Blogger tonight, “if anyone could get a riot together somewhere by March 2010 it would be great news in terms of me keeping my job.”

Any takers?

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3 Responses to Good cause for a riot

  1. snafu says:

    omg having to agree wth micah white and zizek …

    “Most attempts at revolutionary violence, whether left or right, fail to target the basic social structures underlying the systemic violence, which revolutionary forces strive to overcome.”

    “The threat today is not passivity, but pseudo-activity, the urge to ‘be active,’ to ‘participate,’ to mask the nothingness of what goes on. People intervene all the time to ‘do something;’ academics participate in meaningless debates and so on. The truly difficult thing is to step back, to withdraw. Those in power often prefer even a ‘critical’ participation, a dialogue, to silence – just to engage us in ‘dialogue,’ to make sure our ominous passivity is broken.”
    endgame strategies

    sounds suspiciously taosit.

  2. Paul Smith says:

    new song – I predict a torper

  3. David Shoare says:

    Or how about: “I Predict a Mild Grumble About Buses”

    Not as catchy?

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