I'd like to thank my hairdresser …

It came out of a clear blue sky didn’t it? Who’d have ever thought it?

But there will be no boasting, smugness and gloating here at the Award Winning Bristol Blogger (please note the name change and adjust accordingly in the ‘favourites’ section of your web browser) because I’ve deservedly won a top award for this website.

Despite winning Venue magazine’s highly prestigious and totally independent ‘Top Banana’ award for my exceptional work over the last year, rest assured it will be nothing but business as usual here at the Award Winning Bristol Blogger, at least it will once I’ve worked out how to get my award winner’s logo set up in the sidebar.

And where’s “award winning” blogger Kerry McCarthy MP when there’s some real competition then, huh? Let’s take a quick look at a proper, inclusive awards table that actually counts for something shall we:

Winner: The Bristol Blogger
2nd: James Barlow
3rd: Bristol Traffic

Where’s Kerry? Nowheresville USA, that’s bloody where.

So let’s get real here. If Kerry’s blog can win a poncey award for MPs-only in London but can’t even get in the top three for a proper award open to us all here in Bristol – that I’ve just happened to win – then I should be bloody Prime Minister!!! Get me a car to the Palace …

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16 Responses to I'd like to thank my hairdresser …

  1. BristleKRS says:

    I demand a fucking recount!

  2. dave angel says:

    So when is Venue going to go online properly?

  3. Chris Hutt says:

    But you couldn’t have done it without us, your loyal followers (your supposed to say).

  4. James Barlow says:

    Does that make me second banana?

    Who do I email to get my sidebar graphics?

  5. thebristolblogger says:

    I made the bit about the sidebar graphic up actually. But you could email the editor and ask for one. They must have someone there who can knock one up.

    Chris I did do a thank you speech acknowledging everyone but the only bit they printed was the bit saying, “It just goes to show what a load of bollocks there is on the internet if my site can win an award.”

    I’ll dig it out later.

  6. Gary Hopkins says:

    Congrats. You are joining a very elite group. But then in the words of Groucho Marx…..
    Pity to even obliquely associate with Ms McC.

  7. inks says:

    Ha ha – congrats!

  8. Eugene Byrne says:

    I’d just like to say to everyone that The Award-Winning Bristol Blogger’s emailed acceptance speech did indeed acknowledge the hard work of several other local bloggers, but such is the nature of the dead tree press that cuts always have to be made. It keeps sub-editors and designers happy.
    Good point about a sidebar – will see if I can sort something.
    Please don’t anyone ask me about putting Venue on the web unless you’re prepared to be talked at for several hours in a public house of my choosing.

  9. Chris Hutt says:

    I recall that Venue were one of the first publications to develop a web based version, no doubt due to the prescience of Eugene amongst others, but it turned out to be ahead of its time. (Don’t we all know the perils that lie there?)

    Then there’s the not insignificant problem of finding a business model to fund web sites, which we bloggers all know very well. If you’re dealing with local issues the number of viewers isn’t likely to generate much advertising revenue, although I suppose Venue might make a go of it on that basis, but they’d then be undermining their ‘dead-tree’ edition sales.

  10. Des Bowring says:

    Blimey is Venue still going?

  11. Chris Hutt says:

    Yes Des, it’s a weekly now and it’s in full colour! Oh, and owned by the Dark Lord of North Cliffe.

  12. Ella says:

    You think you’re so buff! You haven’t gotten this! I just won ‘best comment of the week award’ from Kerry McCarthy herself. I told her that Chico was better at singing than she was at being an MP. That blatantly wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been so stung by my witty nangness.

  13. Kim says:

    BB is naturally just too modest to have told us all that he himself won this prestigious award two weeks ago.

  14. Chris Hutt says:

    That’s AWBB now Kim.

    Since it’s ‘awards all round’ these days, how about a ‘best comment of the week’ over here at the Award Winning Bristol Blogger? We can take it in turns to win…I mean compete purely on the basis of merit.

  15. Ella says:

    I thought I was special. 🙁

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