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Nutter of the week

Congratulations Craig Murray, the UK’s former Ambassador to the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan. The entirely sane and rational Craig has written on his blog a piece entitled ‘London Bomb – Cui Bono?’ in which he makes the case that … Continue reading

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"I warn you not to be ordinary, I warn you not to be young, I warn you not to be ill…"

Gordo has made the Dim Prawn Minister of State for Health and second in command to Postman Posh, Alan Johnston. She’ll be working directly alongside that insufferably vile, perma-tanned grinning idiot Ben Bradshaw who should be shot. The Prawn has … Continue reading

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Urban beach news

The more cynical readers among you are probably thinking it’s Friday night, The Blogger hasn’t got a story and so is about to use some paper-thin Bristol Urban Beach news nicked off the dead tree press as a pathetic excuse … Continue reading

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Local trade unions' congress

Senior Labour cabinet member John Bees, stalwart of the local T&G, is rumoured to be spending a lot of time in “home care discussions” with the city council’s GMB rep Rowena Hayward. This selfless partnership working on behalf of some … Continue reading

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Clunking fist opts for cultured prawn

Our man with the Blackberry in The Strangers Bar suggests Gordo will solve the Prawn Dimarolo conundrum by giving her a place in the cabinet at Culture, Media and Sport with the Olympics removed elsewhere, as, let’s face it, she … Continue reading

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Arena: Private profit from public cash

Today’s Arena press conference saw the SWRDA and the city council responding with large cash handouts courtesy of the tax payer as the private developers involved in the Bristol Arena “partnership” predictably start to turn the screw on them. The … Continue reading

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Arena announcement imminent

The Blogger learns there is a press conference first thing tomorrow on the future of the Arena project. Apparently only the city council and the SWRDA will be attending. No sign of the private partners SMG… More news as it … Continue reading

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Bristol Labour: Oxbridging the divide

In a quite magical display of English usage, The Evening Cancer announced yesterday: “A former Bristol city councillor, who was paralysed from the waist down after a motorbike accident, has failed in his bid to stand for election as an … Continue reading

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Fancy that!

“There will be, on site, several bars and spaces where people can purchase alcohol safely and responsibly.” Ashton Court Festival Boss, Steve Hunt “There’s a very middle class snobbery about drinking in England” Mark E Smith, notorious drunk and singer … Continue reading

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The real talk of Totterdown

Conspiratorial whispers and the sharpening of knives replaced the usual placid hum of smug chatter about rising property prices over the goats cheese bruschetta at the Banco Lounge this weekend as an overwhelming sense of crisis grips the normally sedate … Continue reading

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