Fancy that!

Mark E smithMark E smithMark E smithMark E smith

“There will be, on site, several bars and spaces where people can purchase alcohol safely and responsibly.”
Ashton Court Festival Boss, Steve Hunt

“There’s a very middle class snobbery about drinking in England”
Mark E Smith, notorious drunk and singer with The Fall, headline act at, er… The Ashton Court Festival!

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2 Responses to Fancy that!

  1. Jozer says:

    After all the pompous claptrap, the headline act are going to be Britain’s primo amphetamine band. Ashton Court will be awash with Class A controlled substances.

  2. barryboredom says:

    I am after all the hoohah/PR cock up, impressed by what kind of acts they managed to bride, nice to see the costs, when the transparent profit and loss is produced. One thing though, are the acts really Family Friendy and representing of the Bristol Community?

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