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Topless beach babeTopless beach babeTopless beach babe

The more cynical readers among you are probably thinking it’s Friday night, The Blogger hasn’t got a story and so is about to use some paper-thin Bristol Urban Beach news nicked off the dead tree press as a pathetic excuse to print gratuitous photos of topless women.

And you are just about right. This is indeed yet another plunge downmarket, this time worthy of Nuts. Who, incidentally, have just published a photoshoot of ‘poor’ Emily Parr, Bristol’s downtrodden ex-Big Brother contestant, who seems to be having no problem earning cash from her notoriety.

As for the Urban Beach (Blogger Passim), what’s going on? My copy of Venue says it will be open on 1 July. That’s Sunday. This seems unlikely because at the moment the beach still looks like a badly surfaced car park in Redcliffe.

The Cancer, meanwhile, has pitched in with an opening date of 16 July. Which is possible and means The Demos wonks running the show would only be 16 days behind schedule. Well done. The countdown starts here…

In further beach news, Melissa from Demos – the brains behind our high-concept urban beach – has also announced what colour the deckchairs are gonna be… And it’s… Wait for it… pink!

Can you contain your excitement?

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2 Responses to Urban beach news

  1. Jess B says:

    That’s me in those photos that is! lol 🙂

  2. tyler says:

    i love this stuff

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