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S.106 news

As we finally bid farewell to the Blogger’s favourite piece of public art shite, Victoria Park’s ‘Black Cloud‘, a small snippet of funding information comes our way. The council’s November s. 106 spending update, outlining how cash from developers has … Continue reading

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Cry Freedom, Cry Seven Stars!

At last! A proper plaque, courtesy of Bristol Radical History Group, to commemorate anti-slavery campaigner Thomas Clarkson, the mystery landlord “Thompson” and many ordinary Bristolian sailors – prepared to lift the lid on Merchant Venturer slaving scum – was unveiled … Continue reading

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No selection, honest guv!

Your child in their hands? This week’s news on secondary school applications and allocations brings few surprises. The city’s struggling local authority-run neighbourhood comprehensives – the ones everyone wants to work – continue to remain hopelessly undersubscribed as parents vote … Continue reading

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Prostitution in Eastville pt. 567

As exercises in futility go, Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy’s backing of New Labour’s latest Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill – only the 55th such bill they’ve introduced! – as a solution to the street prostitution problem in Eastville … Continue reading

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Public space: how it now works

A couple of events this weekend will highlight what’s in store for the future of public space in the city… College Green has been a natural hang-out for the city’s young people and especially its skateboarders for years now. It’s … Continue reading

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Beach latest

A lot prettier than Geoff Mulgan It should have served as a big warning that Bristol’s Urban Beach organisers, Demos, are often described as the think tank closest to New Labour. Their former boss Geoff Mulgan was even headhunted from … Continue reading

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Urban beach news

The more cynical readers among you are probably thinking it’s Friday night, The Blogger hasn’t got a story and so is about to use some paper-thin Bristol Urban Beach news nicked off the dead tree press as a pathetic excuse … Continue reading

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How our beach has been turned into a desert…

Only officially announced last week in a fanfare of publicity, Bristol’s Urban Beach already has more than a hint of fiasco about it. Reputed to be costing £200k, the beach at Redcliffe was supposed to open on 30 June and … Continue reading

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