The real talk of Totterdown

Totterdown Mural

Conspiratorial whispers and the sharpening of knives replaced the usual placid hum of smug chatter about rising property prices over the goats cheese bruschetta at the Banco Lounge this weekend as an overwhelming sense of crisis grips the normally sedate community of Totterdown.

The Blogger learns the future of one of Bristol’s seminal journalists hangs precariously by the smallest of threads after ‘The Talk of Totterdown’, the community’s newspaper, has failed to appear in time for the Totterdown Garden Festival.

Temperatures are rising and emotions near boiling point as the high watermark in Totterdown’s gardening calendar approaches this weekend with no sign of the newspaper to promote the event…

The Blogger’s man with the black fedora and The Daily Mail at The Banco Lounge reports half-heard whispers from the smokier corners and the darker recesses of the cafe bar. “Too much time spent at Buckingham Palace Garden parties” … “swanning around at photo shoots with Mark Simmonds” … “at the expense of the community”.

Is a day of reckoning and a night of the long knives at hand?

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