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Tory blog joy

Well rah, rah, rah, jolly hockey sticks and hurrah! hurrah! This looks like terrific fun what? Our very own genuine Tory voice of Oxbridge, private education and privilege (surely modern Conservatism? Ed) right here in Bristol. The Blogger’s favourite Tory … Continue reading

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So farewell then… Richard Stott

Former Mirror, People and Today editor Richard Stott died earlier today. He’s popular in these parts for his love of the scurrilous and thoroughly disreputable Bristolian that was published until a few years ago. Here’s what he said about the … Continue reading

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Cuts for us, excuses for them

Our old friend Steve Comer appears to have got himself a new gig after failing to become the leader of the council. The leader of Bristol’s Lib Dems, who also moonlights on the National Executive of the alleged left wing, … Continue reading

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Bonkers Iranian news item of the week

The Iranian ultra-right state-run newspaper Kayhan – the first choice for theocratic nutjobs – does not approve of Harry Potter it seems or its “American-British publisher which has Zionist collaborators, such as Warner Brothers”. Here’s what they’re saying about the … Continue reading

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Full steam ahead with New Labour

Grunting Opus Dei cabinet weirdo, Ruth Kelly, continues to demonstrate why she may well be the most hopeless government minister in living memory. Another sideways move, this time to the transport portfolio after a gruellingly gormless spell at housing, finds … Continue reading

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Bristol Music Festival

Dunno who this lot are yet or how legit they might be… They sound dancier than the old crowd though and want to organise a music festival at Ashton Court next year and are raising money to do it.

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Told you so…

OK, OK. Admittedly a little later than expected; it’s here. The Guardian’s ‘Let’s move to…’ column this week features Southville. It’s here in all its glory. And quite amusing it is too. Sample: Those priced out of [Clifton’s] lofty neighbour … Continue reading

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How that CONgestion cash cow coming soon really works

Thursday night, during another stroppy and less than impressive full city council meeting, one of the only things the Lib Dems and Labour managed to agree on was voting down Tory leader Bunter Eddy’s motion to have a referendum on … Continue reading

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Tinfoil helmet Tory loonspud councillor of the month

A man in a tinfoil helmet Well done the people of Bradley Stoke for electing Tory Councillor Brian H Hopkinson. This totally bonkers amateur climate change theorist reckons that air flights actually reduce global warming! How so you wonder? Well, … Continue reading

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Golly GOSW! What a waste of money

Anyone got any idea what the Government Office of the South West or GOSW (pron: goz-wer) actually does? Our best guess is that Oxbridge civil service no-hopers who can’t make the grade in Whitehall are sent down here to keep … Continue reading

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