Clunking fist opts for cultured prawn

Our man with the Blackberry in The Strangers Bar suggests Gordo will solve the Prawn Dimarolo conundrum by giving her a place in the cabinet at Culture, Media and Sport with the Olympics removed elsewhere, as, let’s face it, she couldn’t organise the fucking Ashton Court Festival.

CMS is considered the office of state where the hapless Prawn can do the least damage as nothing’s gonna change in the media as Gordo’s right up Murdoch’s backside and sport is well, sport.

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2 Responses to Clunking fist opts for cultured prawn

  1. S F says:

    Ha ha ha! Well, just goes to show that being lamentably loyal to Gordo and cocking up billions of pounds of public spending in tax credits; wrecking the lives of thousands who had to pay back money they had already spent, and giving up every belief she used to hold…eventually pays off with a juicy cabinet post for her Dimarolo-ness.

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    That first line should have read: “Our very pissed man with the Blackberry in The Strangers Bar…”

    Never mind, he was half right. The Olympics have been moved out of the cabinet

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