Protest against climate change – Cheadle Railway Station 11.30 Sat 18 August

Urgent call-out courtesy of Prof Chuck Wilson, Department of Pre-Revolutionary Studies, Cheadle University

Protest against climate change

Cheadle Railway Station 11.30 Sat 18th August

Stop the smokers’ heater at the Headless Chicken!
No to Tommy’s Tanning Centre!

Climate change is wiping out the mung bean and within the next millennium giant snakes will invade most of England and Wales (Scotland has yet to agree this).

Join us for a weekend of low energy sustainable slow political action.

Non hierarchical free form workshops: the case against pushchairs, cancelling world debt, no-cut lawn care, juggling, a history of the lettuce, how to stay in, fighting clown oppression, ethical house buying.

Speakers: Mike Sibling – men against plastic milk cartons, Cheryl Tweedy, an escaped battery hen, Josh from Knightsbridge against Globalisation, Wendy Strasser amateur composting champion Durrelsburg.

Assembly point: Vulva – radical bookshop ask for Irish Gary

Vegan food available. Samba orchestra.

Please bring legal aid form

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