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"The hacienda must be built"

… And I suppose that wanker off the telly sort of did it. “I used to say some people make money and some make history – which is very funny until you find you can’t afford to keep yourself alive.” … Continue reading

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Lib Dems' pretend friends

Super-geek Northavon MP Steve Webb has come up with a hilarious little jape to entertain the press for August. The man charged with writing the next Lib Dem election manifesto – a document that combines the realism of an In … Continue reading

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"The logical conclusions of an anti-establishment loner"?

Ho, ho, ho… [googlevideo=http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=8413146821944842079] Hat Tip: 9/11 Cultwatch blog

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Moderated comments off

As an experiment moderated comments have been turned off on this blog. So it’s post and watch for the next few days…

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