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Long live the climate camp! The main event of the 21st century and the beginning of the worldwide historic turn of humanity away from capitalism

The thing that’s really struck me about this Climate Camp at Heathrow is the paranoia and control freakery around the press. As The Guardian’s Helen Pidd says: “For a gathering founded on anarchist principles, the Camp for Climate Action doesn’t … Continue reading

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Rock 'n' Roll Bristol style

James Barlow today blogs about this tool that reveals where anonymous Wikipedia edits have originated from. One entry from someone at Bristol City Council throws up this little gem about Grant from Massive Attack: “On the morning of Friday, 8 … Continue reading

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The it's August and getting desperate post

“It’s quite interesting, y’know, the number of biscuits that are named after revolutionaries. You’ve got your Garibaldi, of course. You’ve got your Bourbons then of course you’ve got your Peak Freens’ Trotsky Assortment.” While aimlessly surfing ’round the internet I … Continue reading

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Trees for the chop

Bristol City Council has announced today that the row of 30 ageing Poplar trees on the former Imperial Sports Ground at Knowle are to be removed. The council attempted to chop the trees down last week but protests from local … Continue reading

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