Dumb and dumber

Dan the FabricatorAt last The Blogger has found someone even more stupid than public school twit Dan Norris. The Labour MP for Wansdyke, who’s not sure how long he worked as a child protection worker, has been finally out-twitted by… His own brother!

The Gloucestershire Gazette reports that Dan’s brother, John, is refusing to pay his council tax to South Gloucestershire Council as “a one-man stand against the enforcement regime in Thornbury car parks.” Perhaps I should add at this point that, yes, John is a PE teacher.

Apparently the sharp-witted one who teaches at Thornbury’s Castle School was issued with a ticket after parking his car six inches over a white no-parking line and then proceeded to rather aptly blame the incident on a pain in the neck!

Norris says by way of excuse: “I had a trapped nerve in my neck and had an appointment with a physiotherapist.” Adding: “I’m not using that as an excuse – I admit I was just over the line.”

Illegal parking and non-payment of tax. What a grand example Norris is setting to Thornbury’s youngsters. South Gloucestershire Council, meanwhile, are described as “unimpressed” with Norris.

Elsewhere, brother Dan is confused as ever over how long he’s actually worked as a child protection worker. He told The Sun in April that he had “20 years of experience in child protection”, which, as we’ve already discovered, means Dan has worked in child protection since his public school days aged 14.

In July he changed tack slightly and told the Commons about his “professional experience working in child care 15 or 20 years ago.”

Well what’s it to be Dan? 15 or 20 years? That’s quite a difference. If you were a child protection worker only 15 years ago then that means you worked in child protection for 5 years as you’ve been an MP for the last 10 years.

So where did the “20 years of experience in child protection” you told The Sun about come from?

To add to the confusion Dan also appeared on Newsnight on 1 August where he told Kirsty Wark: “I worked as a child protection worker for ten years.”

You might have thought an MP dealing with a subject as sensitive as child protection might be capable of providing a true account of themselves.

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