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Praise be! It's another one

As the city council quietly plots to deprive the sick and elderly of their free “Lifeline” emergency alarms (Blogger passim) to save a few quid, we can at least rest assured that they’ll have no problem spinning the excuses for … Continue reading

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Kerry: Madchester for it

Does Bristol East MP Kerry “Rave On” McCarthy hate her constituency and this city? The Labour MP, parachuted in to the safe seat from Luton at the last minute for the general election in 2005, certainly doesn’t spend much time … Continue reading

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Blog the rich!

From the people that brought you the Bone blog and The Bristol Blogger and featuring a cast of thousands, a whole new blog dedicated to Bash the Rich.

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The great Arnolfini cover-up

A local art gallery is set to disappear behind a controversial temporary art installation. The temporary artworks – partly funded by the city council – would cover the walls of a gallery on Narrow Quay dedicated to contemporary art. Called … Continue reading

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Media Guardian joy

The city council’s new strategic communications post for the education department is being advertised exclusively in the Media Guardian. Doubtless this is to attract some media creative from London looking to make a stress free £33k a year and improve … Continue reading

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Art watch

This new portrait of Bush by Jonathan Yeo is interesting. Look close up and you’ll find it’s made up of photos. Have a look at his right ear and you’ll clearly see what kind of photos.

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Fisk this!

I was reading The Independent by mistake on Saturday and came across an article by their, um, “controversial” Middle East Correspondent Robert Fisk saying he was “increasingly troubled at the inconsistencies in the official narrative of 9/11. Has Fisk finally … Continue reading

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Back for good

I see my question to Andy Bennett on his police blog has got a reply: Q: Perhaps you could explain what your thinking is on the Dispersal Order on College Green imposed by Avon & Somerset Police? Particularly could you … Continue reading

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Gone surfin'

The Blogger is away for the weekend. Moderated comments are on. Here’s Jan and Dean: [youtube=]

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City council jobwatch

From the people who decided that what the poor need is a sense of community – and an army of superannuated middle class regeneration wonks to deliver it – comes an even stupider idea. What the poor now apparently need … Continue reading

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