Praise be! It's another one

PR Officer - Bristol City CouncilAs the city council quietly plots to deprive the sick and elderly of their free “Lifeline” emergency alarms (Blogger passim) to save a few quid, we can at least rest assured that they’ll have no problem spinning the excuses for the inevitable deaths that follow to the local press.

Because – yessss!!! – they’ve got yet another PR job going. This one’s only part-time but – as usual – it’s paying well over the odds.

Now they’re prepared to hand over yet another £30k a year for someone to knock together a couple of press releases each week for The Evening Cancer’s reporters to type out verbatim.

For this money they’ll also have to produce some articles for PR boss Carole Caplan’s various in-house corporate propaganda sheets such as the staff bulletin – The Twisted Bureaucrat (look out for this month’s special staff offer – enjoy a cheap, relaxing holiday in the Bahamas after a hard year sat on your backside in an office ruining people’s lives and trashing their services).

Yet again as our public services are gradually run-down, communications bureaucrats appear to fill the vacuum and take the spare cash. Ain’t life grand?

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2 Responses to Praise be! It's another one

  1. The council needs to get its priorities right.

    We dont need more PR people employed.

    The ‘lifeline’ emergency alarms should be free at the point of use for everyone!

  2. Getting rid of the people who actually help us and spending the money on people who try to tell us it’s a great idea!

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