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Neighbouhood Arts OfficerFrom the people who decided that what the poor need is a sense of community – and an army of superannuated middle class regeneration wonks to deliver it – comes an even stupider idea.

What the poor now apparently need is the arts or “arts and cultural opportunities available at a local level” to be precise. And more to the point, we need a lot of council officers on good money to deliver this to “strategic priority neighbourhood areas of the city”.

So why not become a Neighbourhood Arts Officer starting on a sum slightly above the alleged average wage and rising exponentially until retirement? You know it makes sense.

Also, as reports begin to drift in from the press of gaps in life expectancy of up to 20 years between rich and poor, it’s nice to know the city council are taking notice:

There will be a particular priority to develop projects and pilots addressing health issues

Excellent stuff. But can anyone sane out there explain exactly how the fuck a few soppy neighbourhood arts projects are gonna seriously and effectively address massive life-reducing inequalities?

Startegic Communications OfficerMeanwhile over in the education department, no doubt to help deal with the recent drop in results for primary kids, they’re after a Strategic Communications Officer.

This poor sod has to get by on a wage of just £33,315 pa to start with. That’s considerably more money than they pay most of the teachers this communications expert will doubtless be blaming for anything and everything on a regular basis.

So ludicrous and out of hand has this middle class gravy train of pointless non-jobs down at the Council House got that even The Cancer is now asking questions.

This follows the announcement by the head of Social Services Annie Hudson – scraping by on about £100k a year – that a consultation is to take place on whether Bristol’s elderly should be charged for their ‘Life Line’ emergency alarm systems.

This, we learn, could save the council £180k – £200k a year. Less than the cost of five Strategic Communications Officers. Here’s what The Cancer says:

why pick on the elderly? Is it because they are seen as a soft target?

Or is the city council bereft of ideas for how to save money?

There are, of course, many other ways to save money. What about looking at the ranks of council employees? Why cut services? Why not reduce bureaucrats?

Virtually every business in this country has had to learn to become fitter and leaner in recent years.

But local authorities continue to carry vast workforces and become ever more weighed down by them and ever more bound up in red tape.

Surely it is time for a radical overhaul of how our councils operate, the money they spend and the number of pen-pushers they employ?

Well said. But who is it we vote for if we want to be rid of all these pointless, overpaid, middle class, unsackable bureaucrats?

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  1. Bluebaldee says:


    The Children and Young Persons Directorate already have a bloody Comms Officer. They also sacked (in a particularly underhand and borderline illegal way) the previous bloke who was effective and took a lot of the heat OFF of teachers.

    It sounds like a bit of empire building for that fat fucking liar “Carole” Caplan. He’ll be pulling the strings on this one like the chubby puppetmaster he is.

    What the Directorate needs is to be rid of the hopelessly out of her depth Heather Tomlinson and the £130,000 she fraudulently claims for “running” Bristol’s schools.

    And that’ll free up virtually all the money for the old folk’s alarm system.

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  3. bristolcheese says:

    I’m actually amazed the aforementioned sacking of the previous Comms Officer didn’t make major headlines, given that it involved not only deeply underhand and questionable-legality tactics, but also revealed a Council Cabinet councillor who had given every Tom, Dick and Harriet working for the whole Council free access to, and use of, his own Council email system! Seems to have taken them a year to get round to recruiting a replacement. Presumably they got a ‘consultant’ in during the meantime – what are the odds that he / she cost taxpayers more than 33k?

  4. Jozer says:

    ‘…didn’t make major headlines…’.

    A common theme in local reportage.

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