Kerry: Madchester for it

MadchesterDoes Bristol East MP Kerry “Rave On” McCarthy hate her constituency and this city? The Labour MP, parachuted in to the safe seat from Luton at the last minute for the general election in 2005, certainly doesn’t spend much time in Bristol East or have much to say about the place that’s for sure.

Since Parliament’s summer recess at the end of July, Kerry – having spent yet another hard year blatantly building her career in Westminster – has singularly failed to mention her constituency or anyone in it on her blog . Indeed the only mention of Bristol in over a month was a sentence long comment describing the Balloon Fiesta as “highly surreal”. Which it isn’t.

Kerry has, however, found time on her blog to issue a an obit to Tony Wilson – apparently referred to as Anthony H Wilson among her middle class professional set – that also includes a glowing eulogy to the greatness of the North West of England. She’s also managed to plug Manchester-based singer Ian Brown’s new – and hopelessly gormless – anti-war single.

And she’s even found time to get excited about an article in The Guardian on the fundamental decency and common sense of criminal justice approaches to the drug problem by none other than drummer Dave from Blur who’s now training as a barrister. What next? Dermo from Northside on NHS modernisation?

Then, over the last ten days or so, the Brit Pop fan cleared off to Uganda on a working holiday where we’ve been treated to regular dispatches from the frontline of international charity do-gooding.

But of Bristol or Bristol East we hear nothing. How strange…

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