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Through a glass darkly

Kerry McCarthy’s put me on this chain blog thing instigated by Iain Dale, where I have to recall where I was, what I was doing and how I felt at certain key moments in history: Princess Diana’s death – 31 … Continue reading

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Introducing Bum Disease

Piggies with people, Paul McCarthy 2007 Piggie with Bum Disease, Bristol Blogger 2008 What with it being August and the holidays and everything, I thought I’d do a bit more about artist Paul McCarthy, who’s now well on the way … Continue reading

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Liberal arts?

I’ve been reading a bit about Paul McCarthy, the artist responsible for the dog shit inflatable that went AWOL in Switzerland last week and provided the ideal platform for a cheap gag at the expense of Bristol’s Tories. I’m especially … Continue reading

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Olympic balls

Apparently the Olympics are on. So to fulfill my blogging contractual obligations I’m doing a post on it. Comrade Bone already seems to have produced the quote of the fortnight: I absolutely refuse to cheer on anyone called PIPPA – … Continue reading

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Recycling news feat. Banksy balls

That hotbed of investigative journalism, the Evening Cancer newsroom, has been very busy this week researching original stories by looking on the, er … Internet! First up – plastered across the front page on Wednesday – The Blogger’s sensational revelation … Continue reading

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Headline of the week

Giant turd wreaks museum havoc The Guardian No, Richard Eddy hasn’t made his annual visit to the City Museum and Art Gallery. Instead an inflatable dog shit art work has blown from moorings and brought down a power line in … Continue reading

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Money down the drain pt. 15,432

Despite imminent recession, there’s no sign of any belt-tightening at Bristol City Council who seem as hell-bent as ever on letting some underemployed idiot squander our money on pointless pet projects. This has just appeared on Bristol Indymedia: Bristol City … Continue reading

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John Deasy

Kerry McCarthy is reporting the death of Labour Councillor for St George West, John Deasy.

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Deja vu?

The future of Easton Community Centre has been secured after a charity stepped in to take over. A panel of residents, city councillors and officers agreed to hand over the lease to Toc H. Easton resident and panel member Azmina … Continue reading

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