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Bristol City Council don't know what day of the week it is. No, really …

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Bin men speak!

See also: Striking binmen take protest to council

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The great recycling debate (pt. 7654)

Bristol Dave from the effervescing Bristol Dave Rants is asking questions in the comments about recycling: Can somebody (not necessarily Gary or Jon) please explain to me what on earth the food recycling bins are actually for? Is it just … Continue reading

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Is the council about to dump our recycling abroad?

Fascinating comment in the minutes of the city council’s Resources Scrutiny Commission of 15 January. Councillors querying officers about what would happen to household recycling waste that could not be sold, as seems increasingly likely, were told: recycled material that … Continue reading

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City of green syphilis

by Keren Suchecki Bristol has been named the only UK city short-listed for the European Green Capital award – news met with utter incredulity by most residents. Bristol used its much-waved parks and green spaces strategy to bolster its bid. … Continue reading

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Recycling news feat. Banksy balls

That hotbed of investigative journalism, the Evening Cancer newsroom, has been very busy this week researching original stories by looking on the, er … Internet! First up – plastered across the front page on Wednesday – The Blogger’s sensational revelation … Continue reading

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Money down the drain pt. 15,432

Despite imminent recession, there’s no sign of any belt-tightening at Bristol City Council who seem as hell-bent as ever on letting some underemployed idiot squander our money on pointless pet projects. This has just appeared on Bristol Indymedia: Bristol City … Continue reading

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Tax 'n' spend: they're parking mad!

Household fuel bills to rise 40%; food up 5-15% depending on who you believe; mortgage interest payments rising by the month; 10% tax rate gone; petrol prices way up. The list goes on … Meanwhile at Bristol City Council – … Continue reading

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Fancy recycling that!

“Bristol City Council still plans to introduce “pay-as-you-throw” rubbish collections – and residents could end up having to buy bags for their waste,” thunders today’s Evening Cancer. Who’d’ve thunk it? Er, anyone who read The Bristol Blogger nine months ago … Continue reading

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Plug: Recycle Your Unwanted Stuff!

Bristol Indymedia is pleased to announce the launch of our Indycycle service. Indycycle is a way of people re-cycling things they no longer need to people who may have a use for it. It is similar to the ideas of … Continue reading

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