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Nichols ripple trickle piffle

Interesting insight in to economics on the BBC Bristol website: The priciest item instore is an Alligator Clutch bag, by Kara Ross, at £3,170. It’s undoubtedly expensive. But there are those who say Harvey Nichols will spread ripples of wealth … Continue reading

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BBC: ain't life brand?

What’s this we find on the BBC Bristol website, with its own special link given pride of place on their homepage? Why, it’s only the completely independent, uncommercial and objective blog of Sue Stones, the manager of the new Harvey … Continue reading

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Recycling news feat. Banksy balls

That hotbed of investigative journalism, the Evening Cancer newsroom, has been very busy this week researching original stories by looking on the, er … Internet! First up – plastered across the front page on Wednesday – The Blogger’s sensational revelation … Continue reading

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Fwd: what does our city look like?

From BBC Bristol … The BBC is collecting pictures of Bristol that capture the soul of the city. Why? Because Bristol is getting a new Chief Executive, and she’s new to the city. Jan Ormondroyd will be given the “official … Continue reading

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Quick off the mark again at the BBC

The Bristol Blogger September 29 2007: the council’s recent citizen’s jury on waste . . . appear to have decided to introduce a charge – for the first time – for the collection of extra waste, which the council’s press … Continue reading

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Rearranging the deckchairs? Or how local journalism works

Here’s a very brief guide to how local journalists do their job. They claim that they’re overworked and underpaid and that they “hold many of Bristol’s decision-makers accountable on a daily basis“. Ho, ho, ho. Here’s a press release from … Continue reading

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