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Who the hell are Choose Day?

The Blogger’s been receiving various communications, on a fairly regular basis now, about some environmental/global warming event called ‘Choose Day’ launching on the Centre this coming Tuesday. Full details about the event, if not the organisation behind it, are available … Continue reading

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Prostitution in Eastville pt. 567

As exercises in futility go, Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy’s backing of New Labour’s latest Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill – only the 55th such bill they’ve introduced! – as a solution to the street prostitution problem in Eastville … Continue reading

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The strange and confusing world of NHS finance

North Bristol NHS Trust was issued a loan for £52m by the then Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt, on 22 March 2007. Anyone know why?

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Notes for the inner city: #1 drive bys

The Cancer reported on Monday that a house in Fulford Road, Hartcliffe was fired at in a “drive-by” shooting. It went on to say: Up to 100 people were then said to have run out into the street to see … Continue reading

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MP Dan's vanity publishing shocker!!!

Bristol Labour Party’s overpromoted public schoolboy twit-in-chief, Wansdyke MP Dan Norris has been exposed as one of the four biggest spenders in parliament after claiming expenses of £172,733 for the year March 2006 – March 2007. This compares to the … Continue reading

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If she goes there will be trouble . . .

Last week’s announcement that the city’s secondary schools remain firmly rooted near the bottom of national league tables – no matter how they try to spin it – elicited the following responses from readers of The Cancer: 2005 Ms Tomlinson: … Continue reading

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Fw: Contact Campaign for Better Transport

This was posted to the Bristol Social Forum and might interest some readers: From: Sian Parry Email:*<> Phone number: 0117 922 2074 Type of enquiry: i_want_to_find_a_local_group_in_my_area I support a Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission at Bristol City Council. Councillors on … Continue reading

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E-democracy conflab joy

Are they keeping this a secret so that selected council staff can scoff all the tax payer-funded canapés themselves? An alert reader flags up the forthcoming Bristol E-Democracy Day – ‘Modern Methods of governance – democracy in action or mob … Continue reading

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Update: educashion, educashion, educashion

A gallant reader has been chasing up The Blogger’s story about the misspelled advert placed in The Evening Cancer by the LEA. Here’s what they say: [Eventually a] . . . reply, from none other than the Director of Education … Continue reading

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Home care watch

Having less-than-adroitly reneged on one set of ridiculous and uncosted election promises – around waste collection – through the use of a so-called citizen’s jury, a process handily managed by a Labour-friendly organisation in exchange for a fat fee, Helen … Continue reading

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