Notes for the inner city: #1 drive bys

The Cancer reported on Monday that a house in Fulford Road, Hartcliffe was fired at in a “drive-by” shooting. It went on to say:

Up to 100 people were then said to have run out into the street to see what was happening, some of them armed with knives and baseball bats.

No further firearms incidents have been reported in the area. As one local explained: “it’s a close street and everyone sticks up for each other.”

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6 Responses to Notes for the inner city: #1 drive bys

  1. BristleKRS says:

    I smiled when I read that yesterday. I suspect that particular brand of ‘community policing’ might prove more effective than Atrium-style arsery 😀

  2. paul smith says:

    Hartcliffe, inner city!!! you should get a map

  3. Keren says:

    Paul, I think the title was meant to refer to a learning point for the inner city. Everyone knows Hartcliffe isn’t even part of Bristol.

  4. paul smith says:

    Hartcliffe has been part of bristol since 1948 when Somerset swapped it for portishead and pill

  5. Shawn says:

    Sense of humour anybody?

  6. paul smith says:

    well do you think it was a good swap? Originally hartcliffe was going to be called lower Dundry… until the people of Dundry found out

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