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Choose the ineffective, low-cost PR option day

Fancy that! The latest supporter of the mindless and ineffective ‘Choose Day’ Christian eco-scam is none other than Mark Bradshaw, Labour’s Transport exec. He tells The Cancer: “Choose Day will help to make Bristol a leading city in addressing th[e] … Continue reading

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Quick off the mark again at the BBC

The Bristol Blogger September 29 2007: the council’s recent citizen’s jury on waste . . . appear to have decided to introduce a charge – for the first time – for the collection of extra waste, which the council’s press … Continue reading

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The strategic genius of Peter Hammond

As the bearded moron, Labour’s social services executive member, Peter Hammond sets about reorganising the city’s home care service under the personal direction of his friends in the trade unions, perhaps now is the time to recall the brilliant strategist’s … Continue reading

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The Blogger breaks America!

It looks like The Blogger is set to succeed where Oasis and Robbie Williams failed and break America . . . The Blogger’s post yesterday on Tangent Books’ Banksy’s Bristol has virtually taken the US by storm or at least … Continue reading

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