MP Dan's vanity publishing shocker!!!

Dan NorrisBristol Labour Party’s overpromoted public schoolboy twit-in-chief, Wansdyke MP Dan Norris has been exposed as one of the four biggest spenders in parliament after claiming expenses of £172,733 for the year March 2006 – March 2007.

This compares to the region’s lowest spender Bristol West Lib Dem, Stephen Williams, who still managed to pocket £137,109 for the year.

Norris, rather than issuing a fulsome apology and promising to make efforts to cut his huge expenditure courtesy of the taxpayer, has instead launched into a ludicrous justification for his spending.

The MP is claiming that the extra expenditure he’s racked up is due to the costs of publishing and distributing his self-authored pamphlet ‘Don’t Bully Me’. Norris explains: “I’ve had 50,000 requests for it and when someone asks for a copy, I send them one.”

Well isn’t that considerate and selfless of Dan? However if any of us wished to publish a book or a pamphlet to promote our deeply weird and highly personal beliefs, developed through the course of our public school education, we’d either have to find a publisher prepared to produce and distribute it on our behalf or we’d have to put our hands in our pocket and pay ourselves.

Not Dan. He eschews either option and instead funds his little vanity publishing project from the public purse. Shouldn’t there be a law against this?

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4 Responses to MP Dan's vanity publishing shocker!!!

  1. Matt says:

    My god what do these “Renewed” Labour MPs e DO though? If they did a good job then the pay is due. Pamphlets and spin wont make Bristol a better place, fix the buses, the litter and filth in the streets or crime?

    I don’t think that MPs can justify employing their wives as “secutarial support” as we all have a PC and spell check don’t we?

    Surely claimed payments for a “second home” should have some sort of taxable “gift in kind” status too?

    Grrrrr makes me angry!

  2. Matt says:

    PS: Obviously didn’t use spell check 🙂

  3. BristleKRS says:

    I don’t think that MPs can justify employing their wives as “secutarial support”

    Not all MPs are men or lesbians, or even necessarily believe in the institution of marriage 😡


  4. Simon says:

    That bullying pamphlet is good stuff and if it takes a stamp to get it to someone who needs it then maybe a stamp is necessary.

    Maybe MPs should just keep their heads down and not do any work. That way their costs / expenses would be low and we’d all be happy, right? Well, maybe not!

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