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Greedy bastard watch

Why are former Lib Dem leader and Eastville Councillor Steve Comer‘s travel and subsistence expenses so high? Since he won the Eastville election in 2005 he has claimed £2,481.36 in travel and subsistence expenses (£411.06 in 05-06, £409.27 in 06-07, … Continue reading

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Saturday night at the movies

Two new films about the Railway Path here. Both, in their own way, are far more representative of the traditional left than unwashed hippy “Green Protestors” the Cancer would have you believe. One features Labour’s prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bristol … Continue reading

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Railway path round-up

There’s a new summary of events so far at Conserve England, featuring many of the best of people’s comments from here and the BBC among others. Yesterday’s Evening Cancer, meanwhile, might already have provided us with the quote of the … Continue reading

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Prostitution poll joy

Following The Blogger’s latest tirade on prostitution in Eastville last month, the local MP, Kerry McCarthy, has set up a poll on her website to explore opinion on the issue. Options include the setting up of a formal tolerance zone … Continue reading

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Prostitution in Eastville pt. 567

As exercises in futility go, Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy’s backing of New Labour’s latest Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill – only the 55th such bill they’ve introduced! – as a solution to the street prostitution problem in Eastville … Continue reading

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