The strategic genius of Peter Hammond

As the bearded moron, Labour’s social services executive member, Peter Hammond sets about reorganising the city’s home care service under the personal direction of his friends in the trade unions, perhaps now is the time to recall the brilliant strategist’s hand in the city’s less than successful £270m Building Schools for the Future programme.

Back in 2002 Hammond was again deputy leader of the city council as well as executive member for education and lifelong learning. Talking about his plans for Bristol’s schools he confidently told the BBC:

“These plans have been put together very carefully to make sure pupils will enjoy high quality educational facilities, strategically located to meet the demand for places across the city.”

Fast forward five years and here’s the result of Hammond’s careful planning. Again from the BBC:

Pupil numbers at Portway School, which reopened with brand new facilities in 2006, have fallen by almost a third since 2003, to just over 700.

Just the man with just the track record to reorganise our home care service then!

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