The Blogger breaks America!

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It looks like The Blogger is set to succeed where Oasis and Robbie Williams failed and break America . . .

The Blogger’s post yesterday on Tangent Books’ Banksy’s Bristol has virtually taken the US by storm or at least their popular Juxtapoz – Art and Culture Magazine Online site.

The magazine has picked up on The Blogger’s Banksy post and is describing it as a prime example of “that British Humour”. Mind you, they’re sensitive souls these yanks; they also call the post “properly derisive”. Pah! That’s not derisive. It’s a bit of harmless knockabout. If you want to see derisive log-on tonight for the feature on truancy in schools. (It’s particularly suggested that the Pickup household prepare themselves).

Meanwhile Yanks have been pouring in overnight on to The Blogger’s site! Destination Bristol, US to Bristol airlines and other tourist related businesses who wish to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to target a highly sophisticated ABC1 American audience please get in touch to discuss our competitive advertising rates.

The Blogger’s now off to discuss their percentage cut of US sales with Tangent…

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