The Blogger investigates… The mystery of the missing candidate

A palpable sigh of relief here at Blogger HQ as Bristol East MP, Kerry McCarthy returns to her blog after a break of almost three weeks.

Surprisingly her online absence on this occasion had nothing to do with the obsessive human rights tourist clearing off to Palestine on yet another freebie to engage in yet another sanctimonious bout of hand-wringing over the holy land.

Instead she’s been away, we’re told, due to a burglary at her real home in London, technical problems with her website and, of course, because she has to juggle an incredibly busy schedule. (Has anyone ever heard an MP claim not to be superhumanly busy?)

Whatever she’s been up to, Kerry’s now certainly back with a bang. She even spent most of the early hours of this Saturday morning producing breathless descriptions of herself swanning around being terribly important like some kind of low-rent Prawn Dimarolo.

The Blogger was particularly drawn to Kerry’s entry ‘VIPs come to Bristol’ about one of those rare days when she was actually in the city.

“Had a VIP-filled Monday this week, with Meg Munn, Minister for Women and Equalities,” gushes Kerry.

Meg Munn? VIP? I don’t know either…

But it was Kerry’s engagements towards the end of her day that caught The Blogger’s eye:

I raced across town to meet Alan Johnson in Stapleton Road … Our next stop was the City Academy … Final stop was Barton Hill for some campaigning with Alan and a meeting with Labour members at the Crypt, where we also got a chance to chat to some of the young people from the Barton Hill Youth Project.

And who might Kerry and Education Secretary Alan Johnson be campaigning for in Barton Hill during this election period then? Why no mention of the candidate? Why so coy about telling us? Barton Hill is, of course, in the Lawrence Hill ward where the candidate is none other than the Photoshop faker Busharat “working for Britin” Ali (Blogger passim).

Oh dear. Seems like Kerry is doing some of her own photoshopping now and airbrushing her own imbecelic candidate out of his own election campaign. Is Bush Rat not being mentioned by Labour’s senior ministers and MPs in the hope we’ll not notice their candidate’s gone missing? Maybe we’ll conveniently forget about him?

This little episode goes to prove what many have been claiming. That Lawrence Hill is a serious target for the Labour Party at these elections and their senior figures have little compunction in foisting someone like Bush Rat, whose conduct shows he’s unfit for office, on Bristol and Lawrence Hill and turning a blind eye to any of his unsavoury conduct.

And let’s not forget Lawrence Hill is the poorest ward in Bristol with some of the city’s most vulnerable people living there. Don’t these people deserve any better then? Any old yes-man with a Labour membership card will do for them presumably.

Kerry ends her blog entry:

Then another mad rush across town to catch the 5.30 to London, arriving in Westminster to catch Billy Bragg’s St George’s Day reception. Had a group of friends down for the occasion, and got them all into the public gallery to watch the 10pm vote, which they found highly amusing. Can’t say I blame them!

Don’t you think your time might be better spent here in Bristol sorting out your disastrous and embarrassing constituency party Kerry? Maybe instilling some decency, values and a sense of reponsibility in them for starters? And perhaps ensuring those annoying little details are properly in place? Like making sure your candidates are actually fit for office before selecting them.

It’s rather more important than getting pissed with your mates in Westminster, sucking up to Billy Bragg and boasting about it on your blog.

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  1. ken says:

    only wish the BNP had someone standing in L/Hill..they seem to be a more honest party even if they are not like by everyone

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