Bush Rat the Movie: 'Working for Britin' (sic)

Here it is. Meet Photoshop faker Bush Rat Ali the Lawrence Hill Labour Bhangra Boyo (he’s also head of the South Wales Muslim League). Laugh then cry as you realise the kind of imbecile the people who run the country think is fit to run our city. This is not a joke.

Catch it whilst you can. The Labour Party are pulling this from Youtube as fast as they can…


Look out for The Bristol Blogger’s EXCLUSIVE inner city election round-up and analysis this weekend…

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4 Responses to Bush Rat the Movie: 'Working for Britin' (sic)

  1. S F says:

    That Labour selected him in a “winnable” seat shows the contempt they hold the city in. Well done to the Liberals at least for rumbling this phoney.

  2. Arthur Mincemeat says:

    I am lost 4 werds.

  3. Mike says:

    What a prat…only wish the BNP had a candidate in Lawrence Hill

  4. Anonymous says:

    im sure the bnp candidate’s spelling would be alot better(yeah right)! this guy is not a good candidate, for sure, but the last thing lawrence hill or anywhere else needs is the bnp or mike.

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