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Space… The final insult

This was The Enterprise. The Parson Street boozer was quietly demolished a few months ago and it is now a building site. The pub is the latest victim of this apparently pious ‘we’re all middle class now’ Blairite era where … Continue reading

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DimoTV (in full Prawn-O-Vision)

Here’s Bristol’s leading politician and senior member of the government’s Treasury team demonstrating the sharp wit and searing intellect that got her there by, er… Running away from the BBC when questioned on Trident! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyvsATYoZTM]

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Digitally challenged

Bristol City Council’s very, very expensive ‘flagship’ e-democracy site in all its current glory. Are they trying to tell us something? Bristol, of course, recently lost out on £2m of funding in the government’s Digital Challenge to Sunderland. Perhaps the … Continue reading

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