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Another new addition to The Blogger’s blogroll. James Barlow is the Constituency Chairman for the Conservative Party in Bristol West and he is also standing as a city council candidate for Cotham in the local elections.

His blog is a very dapper, measured, sensible and, er… Conservative! He’s an IT bod by trade so you’ll find a lot of techno-babble going on over there too. Great if you want to know the ins and outs of RSS feeds at least.

Barlow is yet another one asking questions about Bush Rat The Photoshop Faker in Lawrence Hill. Indeed it seems the only people not showing any interest in this story are the local media. Presumably there’s no public interest in an election candidate from the party running the country deliberately misleading the public in order to get elected to office?

Not as far as the Oxbridge chumps running the BBC and the recently self-styled working class lads risking their lives for us down at the Evening Cancer’s newsroom are concerned anyway.

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  1. S F says:

    The failure of the local media (i.e. the Evening Pest) to notice this story is odd, since the Liberals presumably sent them a flurry of excited press releases on it. It’s absolutely massive in blog-sphere over the last few days!

    Perhaps the fact that Ian “red” Onions is pally with Labour PPC Paul Smith (who as local PPC is presumably running the Lawrence Hill campaign) has something to do with it?

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