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Treehuggers murder grannies!

Bolton, Tory boy Eddy and Lib Dem Kiely. Peas in a pod? A nice example of the ‘vote Lib Dem get Tory’ administration really running the city was on view for all to see at the the Council House on … Continue reading

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Fwd: In support of Alphonse Daudet Touna

Alphonse Daudet Touna and his music are well known and well loved all over the country and nowhere more so than in his home town of Bristol. For those who haven’t come across him, he is a composer, instrument maker, … Continue reading

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Middle class wankers of the week

Congratulations Bordeaux Quay – the “revolutionary project” to serve wealthy people food for inflated prices in a minimalist Harbourside location – you’re the inaugural winners of The Blogger’s prestigious ‘Middle Class Wankers of the Week Award’. At an event at … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Factory

Greenbank resident Flowerdahlia has posted a load of photos to Flickr of the empty Packer’s Chocolate Factory. The factory was shut last last year by owners Elizabeth Shaw when they moved the last of their manufacturing operation overseas. The building, … Continue reading

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Top tips for journalists

#1. When on assignment in Iraqi Kurdistan make sure your driver is aware of the different Iranian opposition groups operating in the territory News that US journalist Michael Totten‘s visit to meet the leadership of english-speaking, social-democratic moderates from the … Continue reading

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Whitewash? Postscript

Big shout out to Toyin Agbetu of Ligali, whose generally rather poor performance – by his outspoken standards – at the Points West abolition debate on Sunday, The Blogger thought not worth mentioning. Well the boy’s certainly come good today … Continue reading

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Greedy's now greenie!

Remember George “Greedy” Micklewright the personality-free Labour leader of Bristol City Council from 1997-2002? Probably not. Micklewright, who assiduously marketed himself as a local government finance expert, actually presided over a crippling £350m budget deficit during his time in office. … Continue reading

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Whitewash? Addendum

According to today’s Evening Post one third of the seats at yesterday’s slavery abolition whitewash church service at Bristol Cathedral were empty. 850 tickets were apparently issued to “civic leaders” for the invitation-only event and 250 of them failed to … Continue reading

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Big up to Bristol-based Operation Truth 2007 who interrupted today’s service at Bristol Cathedral celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade. Protestor Jendayi Serwah was led away by police after getting into the Cathedral and banging … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Watch #1

The strange affair of the Lib Dem Trot Meet Steve Comer (second from left above). He’s a Liberal Democrat and a Bristol City Councillor. He’s quite influential in Bristol because he’s an Executive Member and sits on the Cabinet that … Continue reading

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