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Labour Party leadership speculation Easter special

Our man sipping Champagne with the socialists says there’s already open talk in the Bristol Labour Party of the possibility that they could lose eight council seats at the local elections on June 4. This has led to much speculation … Continue reading

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Oh shit! More Lib Dem Clifton thickies on the way

As if they didn’t have enough wealthy twits from Clifton in their councillor ranks, come the elections in June it looks like the Lib Dems will be foisting some more of these ridiculous home counties Tories-in-disguise upon us. Joining Lib … Continue reading

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Sprawl news

News drifts in about the land assembly process for the new Bristol City FC stadium at Ashton Vale. Predictably it features a lot of familiar faces on that small but influential local developer scene. At the beginning of December 2007, … Continue reading

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Terry's cooked

The fact that local Labour frontbencher Terry Cook has announced his resignation seems to be passing without comment. He says, “[I’m] retiring to spend more time with my business”. Hmmm.

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MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE – Full Council Meeting, 10th Feb 2009

By Martin Whitelock The inevitable happened: – LibDems will wait until the June election in the likelihood of being voted in by the electorate as they are now the majority party in Bristol. – Conservatives got severely reprimanded by LibDem … Continue reading

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The Evening Cancer might not be prepared to report on their columnist, George Ferguson’s role in dodgy public park land deals but they’re more than happy to give his poncey Tobacco Factory bar some free publicity. “George flies the flag … Continue reading

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Bunter's by-election belly flop as best buddy Bretherton bungles it!

St George West local election 3 May 2007: Tory vote share 36.83% (2nd place, 1.5% behind 1st place) St George West local by election 9 October 2008: Tory vote share 18.75% (3rd place, 15% behind 1st place) As the Tory … Continue reading

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Recycling news feat. Banksy balls

That hotbed of investigative journalism, the Evening Cancer newsroom, has been very busy this week researching original stories by looking on the, er … Internet! First up – plastered across the front page on Wednesday – The Blogger’s sensational revelation … Continue reading

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Elected mayor now!

Come on. It’s time to kick the current bunch of utterly useless, self serving tossers out of the Council House. Some sensible souls have started a petition so we can have a referendum on whether we should have an elected … Continue reading

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The appalling Esther Pickup-Keller – wife of the equally appalling Derek Pickup, the city’s education boss with the shady past in the council’s community grants department – has discovered a new gravy train to her liking. Pickup-Keller currently picks up … Continue reading

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