Railway path round-up

There’s a new summary of events so far at Conserve England, featuring many of the best of people’s comments from here and the BBC among others.

Yesterday’s Evening Cancer, meanwhile, might already have provided us with the quote of the week. An article about the threatened demolition of houses on the narrowest part of the Railway Path at Clay Bottom in Eastville produced this revelation:

The plan to knock down houses to make way for the BRT can be found in documents written by the organisation behind the plans, the West of England Partnership.

The first [Clay Bottom resident] Mr Tang had heard about it was when the Evening Post knocked on his door at 10.30am on Saturday.

Can Bristol City Council sink much lower? Probably not. But their press office is having a damn good try: “The proposal is at a very early stage and there has been no detailed analysis of any of the potential routes under consideration,” they’re now airily claiming.

Although documents released under the Freedom of Information Act directly contradict this claim and suggest that considerable analysis of the potential routes took place last year and the Railway Path was then selected as the favoured route.

Or are Bristol City Council now saying that they randomly plucked this route out of a hat without any proper consideration? I think we should be told …

And finally … Public Opinion Watch:

Number of people who have now signed the petition: 7294

Evening Cancer poll: For 6.5% Against 93.5%

Good to see our council and local newspaper really have their finger on the pulse of the city isn’t it?

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  1. Jon Eccles says:

    Well done for making their job that much harder.

    I couldn’t make the meeting at the Easton Community Centre last week, but apparently it was so busy I wouldn’t have got in anyway.

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