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"Rachmanists with an equalities policy"

Tenants across Bristol of so-called “social” landlord Places for People are no doubt delighted to be receiving news of their increased service charges this week. With the RPI standing at 0.9% and falling and the headline inflation rate at 3.1% … Continue reading

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Jew watch

It was only a matter of time … Forget ZIONISTS! That’s so last week. The first story has now appeared on Bristol Indymedia the sole point of which seems to be to identify that someone is up to no good … Continue reading

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What rough beast?

Our dear old friend, Bristol’s high-profile Muslim spokesman and ‘community leader’ Farooq Siddique, has popped up in the comments to explain why the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto have nothing to do with The Holocaust. It’s semantics: The term holocaust … Continue reading

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Is the council about to dump our recycling abroad?

Fascinating comment in the minutes of the city council’s Resources Scrutiny Commission of 15 January. Councillors querying officers about what would happen to household recycling waste that could not be sold, as seems increasingly likely, were told: recycled material that … Continue reading

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New cure for Cancer

What you won’t be reading in tomorrow’s Cancer … News drifts in from the Lubianka that another round of cuts will start being implemented at the troubled media empire tomorrow. With advertising revenues crashing and circulation in freefall already at … Continue reading

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20 MPH zones don't work!

The Green end of the Bristol blogosphere’s been getting rather excited about 20mph zones for the majority of residential streets in Bristol. Not everyone’s convinced … A guest post by 2nd Anonymous 20 MPH zones haven’t made any difference for … Continue reading

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Extremely moderate or moderately extreme?

A few people have commented on this blog have that I’m obsessed with – and grant far too much significance to – “irrelevant far left groupuscules” with no wider influence during my ruminations on the Israel/Palestine conflict. I may well … Continue reading

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Welcome Barack

The Communist Party of Great Britain aren’t wasting any time. Hat tip: Harry’s Place

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She were useless

Have a look at the press release eventually published by Bristol City Council announcing the departure of Education boss, Heather Tomlinson. She says: “Special thanks is (sic) also due to all the parents, grandparents, carers and families in Bristol, who … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Caplan ousted in night of the long knives at Council House

Ding dong the witch is dead! But will he be unable to confirm or deny it? It seems Simon Caplan has been fired as head of Bristol City Council’s PR department in a mass clear out of officers that also … Continue reading

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