New cure for Cancer

What you won’t be reading in tomorrow’s Cancer

News drifts in from the Lubianka that another round of cuts will start being implemented at the troubled media empire tomorrow.

With advertising revenues crashing and circulation in freefall already at the Cancer under the unsteady editorial guidance of Northcliffe hatchet man, Mike Norton, it now appears that it’s time for the credit crunch to take its toll as well.

It’s tipped that the already chronically understaffed editorial and news staff will be hardest hit with a lot of journalists being forced on to the city’s lengthening dole queues. While the inevitable merger of the Cancer and sister paper, the Western Daily Press, must be even more inevitable now.

Still, it might prove good news for us bloggers. With Norton unable to pay for proper journalism any more, watch out for a lot more unpaid voluntary writing and commentary in the paper courtesy of Norton’s ‘community’ contacts.

This can only means more comedy columnists can’t it? That’s more loonies ranting about the Holocaust and more public school twits inventing self-serving transport statistics. Bring it on Mike!

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11 Responses to New cure for Cancer

  1. Al Shaw says:

    I wonder what local media will look like in ten years in cities like ours. It seems like the pieces have been thrown in the air and no-one really knows where they will fall down.

  2. Ella says:

    The Bristolian is on the very edge of going back into production thanks to further advances so only a matter of time now. This city is full of fantastic people.

  3. Des Bowring says:

    The EP’s circulation started to dive soon after they stopped publishing my blog. I see a connection there.

  4. Butterbean says:

    Pot calling the kettle, BB, your rancid ranting fails to consider descriptions of Gaza from independent and reputable sources eg Amnesty International. Eye witnesses have found plenty of evidence of war crimes, from both sides, but disproportionately by Israelis during the so called ceasefire and this latest carnage.

  5. Des Bowring says:

    Never mind Gaza, what about the naked man in Somerfield? No mention by BB. Must try harder.

  6. Rosso Verde says:

    Normally for me BB is spot on on most issues to be fair – this is an exception.
    Anyway this thread is about our crap local paper.

  7. Tony D says:

    “With Norton unable to pay for proper journalism any more”

    Shurely some mistake – or does reprinting press releases from the city council and the business community count as proper journalism nowadays?

    journalism, churnalism, plagiarism – spot the odd one out…..

  8. -Think there is no mention of the Somerfield streaker as BB doesn’t want it to be known that he’s shopping in Clifton these days.

    Can I also complain that the “public school twits inventing self-serving transport statistics” accusation misses the point that making up self-serving transport statistics is everyone’s right. The online world just makes it easier to get our self-serving statistics and commentary read, with less concerns about offending advertisers.

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  10. Media Mouse says:

    [Rumours abound about the Bristol Evening Post and the Western Daily Press becoming one paper. This may be only speculation but it does follow the trend of merging Sport and Business news desks and ITV news rooms.

    Can we assume that this may become the formula across the board with Northcliffe – might we see similar moves with the Western Morning News?]

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