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EXCLUSIVE: Caplan ousted in night of the long knives at Council House

Ding dong the witch is dead! But will he be unable to confirm or deny it? It seems Simon Caplan has been fired as head of Bristol City Council’s PR department in a mass clear out of officers that also … Continue reading

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Carole Caplan gets angry as Heather Tomlinson exit is confirmed … by Heather Tomlinson!

By Our Correspondent If last week you heard what sounded like the distant rumble of thunder then it was probably actually the sound of Carole Caplan storming around his Council House PR hidey-hole having had his plan to hold ‘the … Continue reading

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City Council budget balls: go figure

The ruling Labour group has unveiled what it calls a prudent budget for hard times … but Council leader Helen Holland says there will be no cuts in frontline services Bristol Evening Post, 9 December 2009 That makes things pretty … Continue reading

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Tidings of red trousers and joy …

It’s that time of year again. We’ve just dusted down the Trojan Christmas Box Set here at Blogger HQ so we thought we’d give you the Christmas itinerary. And what a coup we have for readers this year. After the … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake

Council PR Carole Caplan’s latest pile lands in the inbox: A high-profile conference exploring how Bristol’s prosperity can grow and be shared by everyone in our city is to take place next week. Nice use of the word “share” here. … Continue reading

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More CONsultants joy

City council PR boss Simon Caplan is cross-dressing again. For this week’s edition of PRs in their eyes Matthew, Simon’s going to be education spokeswoman Julie Walton. And what joyous news she brings under the catchy headline, “Council and schools … Continue reading

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Simon Caplan’s slander watch: day 2

Alas no word – as yet – from Simon Caplan. Although it looks like he’s been rather busy elsewhere these past few days surreptiously altering official public records in the form of city council press releases. Is that allowed? Maybe … Continue reading

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Simon Caplan's slander watch: day 1

“Please can you stick to the issues and not hide behind your anonymity to slander employees at the council who are doing their best to communicate information to the public and playing their part in promoting road safety,” whines city … Continue reading

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PR of the week

Step forward Bristol City Council’s Kate Hartas … As the only person in Bristol who’s seemingly oblivious to the longstanding antipathy between motorists and cyclists in the city, Kate was handed the job of spinning the council’s controversial plan to … Continue reading

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Ignoble Savage better for you than Greens?

No sign yet of a formal press release announcing the arrival of “Junket” Jan Ormondroyd to run Bristol City Council. So we’ll just have to make do with the one that the council’s PR girl Simon Caplan did back in … Continue reading

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