Jew watch

It was only a matter of time …

Forget ZIONISTS! That’s so last week. The first story has now appeared on Bristol Indymedia the sole point of which seems to be to identify that someone is up to no good on the basis that they are Jewish. Avoiding any obvious Jewish stereotypes, the story’s ingeniously called ‘The plot thickens’. Here’s the relevant bit:

Lloyds TSB Chairman, Sir Victor Blank, is a governor of Tel Aviv University, Chair of Union of Jewish Students/Hillel, a member of the Advisory Board of the United Jewish Israel Appeal and is involved in Labour Friends of Israel. UJS/Hillel assists members of the pro-Israel Union of Jewish Students, a group that works to silence pro-Palestinian voices on British campuses … Blank [is] believed to have influenced the move against Interpal. Hitting charities that help Palestinians only serves to support Israel by shutting off the trickle of aid that organisations like Interpal manage to get into Gaza and the Occupied Territories over years of Israel’s brutal siege.

So the story is that a man involved with some random organisations “is believed” (by whom?) to have influenced something or other somehow. And the compelling evidence for all this? Er, he’s Jewish!

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  1. Jog says:

    Worryingly overt racism on indymedia, locally but particularly nationaly….. with abuse & censorship for anyone who disagrees….

    Goebbels would have been proud.. 🙁

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  3. Road to Hell says:

    “Hugo Chavez’s demonization of Israel and the Jewish community set the stage for a shocking five hour invasion and desecration of a synagogue in Caracas on the Jewish Sabbath,” senior officials of the Simon Wiesenthal Center charged. Fifteen armed men forced their way into the Mariperez synagogue Friday night, defacing its administrative offices with anti-Semitic graffiti and vandalizing the synagogue where Torah scrolls are kept, CNN reported. The group broke in about 10:00 p.m. Friday, staying until about 3:00 a.m., police said. They tied up a security guard at the synagogue before vandalizing the rooms. Graffiti left at the scene included the phrases “Damn the Jews,” “Jews out of here” and “Israel assassins.” The men also left behind a picture of a devil, and stole the synagogue’s computers, authorities said.

    “This was no mere hate crime from the margins of society, but a reflection of President Chavez’s campaign to demonize Israel and her supporters,” charged Rabbis Marvin Hier, SWC founder and dean, and Abraham Cooper, associate dean, of the leading Jewish Human rights organization…..

    www .

  4. SilentBob says:

    These are dangerous times. History has unfortunately shown that there is frequently a tendancy for people to turn on one another in times of hardship. “It can’t be my fault, so it must be theirs”. Equally, it can be argued that wars have frequently coincided with such times – a cynic could say that arms factries and armies are one way of keeping people occupied. Personally I just can’t understand the mentality of division; we’re all one human race and citizens of the world, together. I’m stating the obvious, but we must be vigilant – and I welcome all attempts to lampoon anyone preaching division in any form, for I can’t think of a better way of weakening their message.

    This is more of a general comment than a specific one on Gaza; that situation is too complicated for me to feel confident to pass much comment, aside from the fact that I can appreciate that much blood has been split on both sides over many years creating deep wounds – ones that will take a lot of healing and which cannot be solved quickly by decree; comment from those outside the situation, no matter how well-meaning, should be tempered with the knowledge that one is commenting about people who have lost family, friends, neighbours – simple logic cannot overcome the fierce emotions generated by such loss.

  5. Rosso Verde says:

    Chavez on the Anti Semitic Attacks,7340,L-3665295,00.html

    The Simon Weisenthal Centre are at present trying to open a “Musuem of Tolerance” on top of an Arab Cemetary in Jerusalem.

  6. Lizard Watcher says:

    Lollo Rosso, you red lettuce, between your rabid leftism (whereby you seem to have a personal ambition to make Dennis Skinner look like Norman Tebbit), and Charlie Bolton’s astounding naivety and general lack of political nouse, it might look to some astonished readers as if the two of you have conjoined in a pact to thoroughly destroy any chance of the Green Party getting anywhere in Bristol.

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