STOP PRESS (no really this time): Massive objection!!!

I think we’ve found ate least one ‘celeb’ who Harvey Nichols Bristol is sure not to become a destination shop for.

While on-off colleague Grant Marshall did the DJing for the Harvey Nichols opening yesterday, it seems – and I kid you not – that comrade Del Naja was busy posting the above picture on to the front page of the official Massive Attack website!

He also includes a brief communique for the people:

how to spend 500 million pounds and bring the city to its knees- a star studded night of portable TV celebs, shopping debt repayment collectors and total auto gridlock. carrot circus is an amazing piece of work that ingeniously manages to capture that gripping 80’s shopping mall look of mid America slash the midlands, just what we need to compliment the mall and the giant Barrett business towers down temple way. The galleries now feel like a taxpayers bargain at the price and look how well they have performed compared to the wasted cash drizzled into welfare health and education.

Top geezer or wot?

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12 Responses to STOP PRESS (no really this time): Massive objection!!!

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  2. Sam says:


  3. thebristolblogger says:

    Word is ‘injured’ at present. Updates welcome …

  4. Tim Muller says:

    Whatever one may think about the massing or the design of CC, it’s much much better than what was there before ( to refresh your memory; don’t have a pic of the parking lot slash dump where the parking house is now, sadly; oh, and let’s not forget Tollgate House, that was superb too). There’ll eventually be an office block with a reasonably decent design in front of the parking house, so unless I missed an alternative and turned down planning application that was going to turn the entire area into a public park, quit the whining and whinging already (might be hard though, seems to me sometimes like that’s the true ‘Bristol sound’ :P)

  5. Doctor Pangloss says:

    Yes Tim. It really is the best of all possible worlds isn’t it?

  6. Des Bowring says:

    Tim is being very Candide in his view.

  7. Sue says:

    Just a shame BCC didn’t have the imagination to construct something that was a shop window for sustainable development, an example of integration with local communities, something for Bristolians to enjoy instead of just window shop in. What a missed opportunity and a kow-towing to global corporatism in its most cynical form. You’d think that shopping was the only activity anyone could come up with – oh, sorry this is BCC and a bunch of global corporations…

  8. bristolgraffiti says:

    Has anyone else noticed the number of commenters on Cabot Circus across Bristol websites all pushing the same message that Bristol people are notorious for complaining, the implication being for people to ignore any complaints about Cabot Circus?

    Given the Bristol PR industry is now paying attention to bloggers (and ‘borrowing’ the blogroll from here word for word –, does anyone think there’s been an astroturfing campaign organised alongside the traditional PR around the grand opening?

  9. Dona Qixota says:

    bristolgraffiti – too right, they’d be dumb not to spend a little money on that aspect these days – and they’re not dumb. Astroturfing is just the latest manifestation of corporate PR that’s been growing since the earliest days of the 1950s.

    “One of the oldest think-tanks in Britain is the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA), which has promoted laissez-faire libertarian views or ‘economic liberalism’ for decades, keeping it “alive when academic opinion had pronounced it brain-dead”. The IEA, inspired by the work of economist Friedrich von Hayek, seeks to apply free market solutions to all aspects of society … and reduce the role of government and regulation.

    … From its inception in the 1950s, the IEA set out to gain wide acceptance for the “philosophy of the market economy” through education directed at opinion leaders such as intellectuals, politicians, business people and journalists …”

    Sharon Beder “Global Spin”

    It’s now even easier with the internet, and there’s probably a lot more than is generally believed. Just look at the Guardian’s CiF commenters, or even locally on Indymedia with the CH Entity.

  10. Ed says:

    interesting point from bristolgraffiti there – well thought mate.

    keep up the campaign to call it babylon circus! reverse astro-turf!

    turns out that massive attack have some lyrics inscribed on the walls of babylon circus:

    “..Writing, inspired by the artist’s own personal poetry and the words of Massive Attack and Portishead, has been carved into the sculpture with themes of transition, loss, love and hope. It harks back to the tradition of inscribing pledges of love into the bark of a tree….”
    (thx for spotting this MK)

  11. Justice for St Judes says:

    Cabot Circus and the Bristol Alliance don’t seem to be good neighbours.

    “Elderly residents in sheltered housing behind Bristol’s new Cabot Circus multi-storey car park in Newfoundland Road are battling for compensation.

    They say its construction – and the demolition of the Tollgate House government office block and a nearby NCP car park – led to “three years of hell”.

    Beryl Dean, 78, one resident of Field Marshal Slim Court, in River Street, St Jude’s, Beryl Dean, 78, said: “We’ve had to put up with noise, disruption and mess.

    “Dust has got into our homes from the building site, even with our double-glazing permanently closed.

    “We’re also having to endure bright lights from the car park which make it difficult to get to sleep at night.”

    The housing block – where some tenants are in their 90s – was built in the 1970s for the British Legion and past tenants have included World War II veterans.

    The current campaigners include other ex-servicemen, Beryl’s husband, Dixie Dean, among them.

    Mr Dean, 82, a former Coldstream Guard and “school sergeant” at Bristol Grammar School, said: “I have a bad chest and the dust from the construction works have made it worse.
    “The whole thing is driving us barmy.”

    The residents are pressing their landlord to fight on their behalf for cash payouts from the Cabot Circus shopping centre developer, the Bristol Alliance.

    A spokesman for Housing 21, the housing association which runs the block of flats, said: “We are investigating the situation as a matter of urgency.

    “Housing 21 regard the welfare and comfort of our tenants as a very high priority and we will do what we can to help them over this current situation.”

    The compensation battle follows a similar campaign recently launched by the residents of nearby Ropewalk House.”

  12. Dov Hanin says:

    Hey, maybe we could do with a Mayor after all.

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