Those 11 pages of Evening Cancer Cabot Circus opening coverage in full …

Adolf Caboto, Sid & Nancy Goebels, Cirque Himmler, Bristol Brown Shirts, Eva Braun Group and many many more lead the Cabot Circus Rally yesterday

Adolfo Caboto, Sid & Nancy Goebels, Cirque Himmler, Bristol Brown Shirts, Eva Braun Group and many many more lead the Cabot Circus Rally yesterday

Wow … Wow … Wow … Shiny new thing … Promised land … We may not get there with you … Parting of the Red Sea … Jaw dropping … Glass roof … Bird droppings … Work of art … Drums, crowds, acrobats, film director Mark Murphy … Pied Piper … The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg … Emperor’s New Clothes … Mike Norton’s wet his pants again … History has been made … The blitz … Post war planners … The end of Broadmead Fuhrer Hirst’s 1,000 Year Reich … Never in the field of human conflict has so much (£500m) been owed by so few (Land Securities) to so many bankrupts who urgently need their money back … Covent Garden of the West … Covent Garden of the South … New Covent Garden … In the Night Garden … Whoopsy Daisy … Helen Holland … I have a dream … The greatest demonstration of freedom in the history of our city … Boulevards … Plazas … Streets paved with gold … Brigstowe Street, Concorde Street, Wall Street … Crash … Botox yer handbag … Harvey Nicks … Massive Attack … Handbags at three paces … Sid and Doris Bonkers … Better than Sea Mills under-5s August fun day … credit card refused … Wow … History … The Renaissance … the divine Raphael … Oh what a car park … Four million jobs … Single parents dancing with joy in in the streets … Can we go home now dad?
Whoops. Probably should hat tip Ian Bone for this one.
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29 Responses to Those 11 pages of Evening Cancer Cabot Circus opening coverage in full …

  1. It'll all END in "tears" says:

    Carboot Circus

  2. Spectator says:

    Shhh… quiet… I can hear a crunching sound in the distance… do you think it could be Marshal Zhukov?

    No, it’s just the bottom falling out of the world’s financial system!

  3. Bristol??

    Went there once…

    Didn’t like it…

  4. This is a scream! Not sure if I like Helen Holland…I have a dream or …botox your handbag or…Single parents dancing with joy in the streets…best!

    Cornucopia Circus…carbon circus…

  5. Noel says:

    I properly laughed out loud!

    I’m calling it the “Jesus building”.

  6. Chris Hutt says:

    Carboot Circus, that’s the one, that’s the name we’ve all been groping for, simple yet devastating, the perfect antidote to the hype and hysteria.

  7. BristolPatriot says:

    The first to close down -Watch for Hardy Amies going into administration very shortly.

  8. thebristolblogger says:

    Agreed. Carboot Circus it is.

  9. Martyn Whitelock says:

    Cahoot Circus, surely?

    Spectator – I think that crunching sound is people walking on shattered glass.

  10. Des Bowring says:

    The good news is that there is a tree in Carboot Circus apparently!

    The bad news is it’s plastic.

    I had hoped to do a bit of birdwatching there but sod that.

  11. bingo caller says:

    This has the makings of a great game, everyone pick 5 stores , and the first one with all 5 stores shut down is the winner! I’ll have to go there now to pick mine out.

  12. thebristolblogger says:

    I was going to do a post about this. I’d suggest Hardy Amies and JJB Sports for starters then look at retailers bought in the last few years by private equity firms using “high leverage”. Eg. Massive debt that’s getting very pricey to service while revenues and sales are falling drastically.

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  14. badnewswade says:

    It’s wierd to see them open shops with a half-price sale, I thought that was only normal practice when closing down, shurely?

    Oh wait THEY ARE CLOSING DOWN!! Ha ha, bye bye billboard people!

  15. Dave says:

    I went there yesterday. It’s just another shopping centre. Hype = unjustified.

  16. redzone says:

    thats it in a nutshell dave !! lol
    when the novelty wears off it’ll be back to cribbs !!

  17. Tim Beadle says:

    Doesn’t this mean the end of your discussion of the matter? You have, by mentioning the Nazis, invoked Godwin’s Law 😉

  18. Des Bowring says:

    At least Mussolini would make the Severn Beach train run on time.

  19. Ed says:

    … Yup; Carboot Circus is just the ticket 🙂

  20. thebristolblogger says:

    Not sure that Godwin’s Law is there to preclude a staple of British humour.

  21. badnewswade says:

    Ve haff VAYS off maykink you laugh!

  22. Spectator says:

    As the original post that makes mention of the Nazis, then I would suggest that Godwin’s Law cannot in this case be applied… to apply it thus would render any discussion of Nazism and anything pertaining to it, impossible.

    I would suggest that a second factor to be taken into account should be that the references are humerous… I suspect that BB does not really believe Hirst to keep a Waffen SS uniform and Luger in his desk drawer… even though Godwin’s law makes no explicit reference to exception on grounds of humour, it is important to remember that Mike Godwin is an American, and probably has an American, rather than a British sense of humour… there are distinct differences. No American could ever have dreamed up the Fawlty Towers episode ‘The Germans’!

  23. Tim Beadle says:

    S’alright – carry on. Good point about Mike Godwin’s Americanness 😉

  24. Ella says:

    I went into Harvey Nichols yesterday and omg LOL it’s like the size of my gerbils’ cage. I was really shocked, like people made a big deal out of it but it’s really, really, really small. A department store is meant to have like, actual departments. I felt really embarassed for it. I’m saying this not from like some anti-Cabot Circus perspective, just I don’t understand why anyone made a big deal out of it when it was genuinely tiny. Their make-up section was also shameful, I’d rather go to Debenhams thx.

  25. Steve says:

    According to the Cancer, a Carboot Circus shop is already closing down. Hardy Amies has gone bust.

    Does Helen Holland see this as a “quantum leap” too?

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  27. Ecoughnut says:

    And now its taken the professional newshounds a full 5 days to find out that Carboot’s got an industry doggie treat?

  28. Ecoughnut says:

    Funny how Cushman Wakefield won the consultants prize and has a staffer on the jury. Small world isnt it?

    The Grand Jury of MAPIC EG Retail Awards already numbers nine key personalities for the retail real estate sector and trade press, all of whom demonstrate strong commitment on the international scene:
    – Mr. Peter Bill, Editor, ESTATES GAZETTE
    – Mr. Jean-Luc Calonger, Director, AMCV
    – Miss Sharon Cavada-King, Director of Retail Department, DTZ
    – Mr. Peter Cole, Managing Director Group, HAMMERSON
    – Mr. Menno Maas, CEO, ING
    – Mr. Pietro Malaspina, Managing Director, SONAE SIERRA
    – Mr. Alexander Otto, CEO, ECE INTERNATIONAL
    – Mr. Shahram Shamsaee, Director of Leasing, MAJID AL FUTTAIM INVESTMENTS
    – Mr. John Strachan, Head of Global Retail, CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD

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