The Holocaust, Israel and our Muslim spokesman

A couple of weeks ago the Blogger took issue with the Evening Cancer’s new Muslim columnist and self-styled “community leader”, Farooq Siddique, for hysterically comparing the State of Israel to Germany’s Nazi regime in a piece purporting to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

Siddique, apparently speaking on behalf of Bristol’s Muslim community, said: “I am not going to debate who suffered more, the Jews in Europe during the war or the Palestinians since 1947. But the link with the Holocaust is very much clear.”

Is it really? Not according to Human Rights Watch’s 2008 World Report it’s not. Brett over at Harry’s Place has trawled his way through this 581-page report in some detail and his conclusions are revealing.

For instance the report says: “”Between January and October 2007, 245 Palestinians, about half of whom were not participating in hostilities, were killed by Israeli security forces.”

This is not the arithmetic of genocide. At this rate of attrition you could sensibly start making comparisons between the Holocaust – 6 million dead in around 12 years – and the situation in Palestine – around 400 violent deaths each year – in about 5,000 years time!

The report also says: “Palestinian armed groups, rival security forces, and powerful clans continue armed attacks on one another. At this writing, 318 Palestinians, including many civilians, had died in such fighting in 2007, most of them in Gaza. By far the worst round of fighting broke out in June 2007 and left 161 Palestinians dead, including 41 civilians.”

This means that your average Palestinian – they’re the ones that are desperate for peace; do not support Hamas; have no interest in driving the Jews into the sea and are overwhelmingly in favour of a two-state solution – has virtually the same chance of being killed by some gun-toting, holocaust denying, homosexual hating, ultra-sexist Palestinian Islamist fanatic as they do of being killed by Siddique’s new-fangled version of the Waffen SS – the Israeli Defence Force.

Where exactly is Siddique’s “clear link” between this low-level, ugly conflict described by Human Rights Watch and the Holocaust?

Siddique’s next column should be published tomorrow. Given his previous form, it’ll be interesting to see what view he takes on that leading establishment intellectual – with the ever-so up-to-the-minute and original liberal relativist outlook straight out the op-ed pages of the Guardian – the Archbeard of Idiocy and his call for Sharia in the UK …

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10 Responses to The Holocaust, Israel and our Muslim spokesman

  1. Jozer says:

    Between 1933 & 1945 the Jewish poulation of Europe was reduced by two-thirds.

    From 1967 to the present, the Palestinian Population has tripled.

    There is plenty you could critisise about the Israeli State’s actions, but genocide? Please!

  2. Jon Eccles says:

    Quite aside from the crude comparison between Palestine and the Holocaust, his history is well off. He talks about the Crusades as establishing a pattern of Christian atrocities against Muslims. In fact, in terms of casualty figures the Muslim world suffered much, much worse during this period from the Mongols, who razed Baghdad to the ground and destroyed several cultured Muslim civilisations in the east.

    He makes passing reference to the genocide against the Armenians, which actually occurred just as the Ottomans were becoming increasingly secular, but makes no comment about the crimes they committed in the Balkans for centuries.

    These are the kinds of mistakes you make if you think history is mainly about competing systems of metaphysical bullshit, when it’s actually mainly about ruling elites vying for control over resources, markets and cheap labour.

  3. Will says:

    You should write a letter to the Evening Cancer outlining you main points in this post.

    Shoot all community leaders also.

  4. Charles says:

    The only valid comparison between Palestinians, Israel and the Holocaust is that Palestinians are 21st-Century Nazis. They, along with Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Iran, continue to advocate the complete annihilation of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. So, who is trying to exterminate whom? Have you ever heard of Jewish suicide bomber? Palestinians will not be satisfied until every Jew in the the Middle East is dead. If that doesn’t sound like Nazi Germany, then nothing does.


    Will. Shoot all community leaders?
    why might I enquire.

  6. Will says:

    Because they are representative of nothing.

    Their is nothing that exists as a hive mind such as ‘communities’ — and non of the fuckers who claim to be community leaders are elected or can be deselected because they aren’t elected in the first place.

    Shoot them.

    Waterboard them.

    Do unto those as they would do unto you.

  7. Bristol Dirt Bag says:

    If Farooq states that the Crusades set the form for Islamic / Christian relations then he is (intentionally?) missing out the events of a few years earlier – namely the attempted Arab / Islamic invasion of Europe. The early middle ages was a pretty nasty time with lots of people hitting lots of other people with large lumps of wood and metal. To start your history book at the Crusades without looking at the goings on South of the Channel (Charles Martel and Poitiers anyone?) is either historically ignorant, or is attempting to promote an untruth. I suspect that the latter is more likely to be the case.

    Personally I’m getting rather pissed off with the constant barrage of pro-Islamic propaganda coming out of the establishment. I’ve never had any time for the ramblings of vicars, priests or rabbis, and there is no bloody way that I’m going to listen to the inanities of any bunch of monotheist maniacs just because the government, council and Evening bloody Post tell me to.


    I guess will then you are electedto such a degree that waants you to state your claims .
    It seems to me you have a great deal to attack but let me assure you thee are many who are democratically elected within communities who do some very fine work directly against the council. and are voluntarely doing this work

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  10. david cutts says:

    What with the politically correct Bristol Council protecting fornicating pufters in the bushes whats next from the rule of minorities & political correctness !

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