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Toffs 'n' toughs

Great news just in! A recent parliamentary answer reveals that the city’s best known higher education college, the University of Bristol, continues to be one of the most ridiculously exclusive and elitist institutions in the country.

Latest figures show that over 35% of students at the university continue to be recruited from private schools, despite an ongoing barrage of soppy see-through PR and spin from the university about “widening participation“.

This means that the university is still very much first choice for Piers and Arabella from the Cotswolds who, despite the best education money can buy and daddy’s magnaminous string-pulling efforts, are way too fucking dim to get into Oxbridge but aren’t quite enough of a half-witted blueblood inbred to have to be hidden away from public view for their own safety at Cirencester’s Royal Agricultural College.

To give you some idea of the the university’s actual record on “widening participation”, the only colleges with a higher intake of privately educated kids in the UK are those famous bastions of the working class power Oxford, Cambridge, the Royal Academy of Music, the Courtald Institute and, er … Cirencester’s Royal Agricultural College!

So who the hell’s responsible for running this ultra-elitist establishment club in the middle of town then? Well, a brief glance at the membership of the university’s governing body – or ‘The Court’ as the snobs like to call it- reveals that no less than fifteen Bristol City Councillors, among others, are.

Surely these couldn’t be the same Bristol City Councillors responsible for running one of the worst education authorities in the country could they? An authority that also has a notorious – if hopelessly ineffective – political obssession with ramming diversity, inclusion and equality policies down our – and our children’s – throats?

So how come these councilllors are so keen on forcing equalities policies on us and very quiet when it comes to pushing similar policies on them?

The university’s boss, Vice-Chancellor Eric Thomas, is even worse. For starters he’s yet another of these unelected rich white men on the board of the SWRDA.

That’s the very same SWRDA, of course, that’s throwing hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money at organisations like Equalities South West to endlessly lecture us on the vital importance of “equality and diversity throughout the region”. A message hypocrite Thomas seems to take absolutely no notice of himself in conducting his day job.

Shouldn’t this silly old fart start practising what he preaches and get his own house in order first before he takes up lucrative public service roles pointing his overprivileged finger at other people?

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5 Responses to University challenged

  1. John McLean says:

    You’ve obviously got an issue with the Uni at Bristol, but a well written article none the less.

  2. The Chancellor of Vice says:

    Good piece BB. The only factor missing is the role played in this superannuated kindergarten by Bristol’s best known and longest established practitioners of equality and diversity for rich white males – the Merchant Venturers.

  3. Dave says:

    Anyone who thinks that the University Court is, in practice, its governing body, hasn’t got a fucking clue what they’re writing about. Court runs the University about as much as the Queen runs the country.

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    Oh that’s all right then. Members of the court are only ceremonially supporters of elitism.

  5. poor dear says:

    Which of those nice boys is Mr Cameron?

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