Questions, questions 1: The bearded weirdoes investigate . . .

Some more excellent news regarding Bristol’s Labour administration’s use of our council tax.

Their latest money wasting wheeze has, apparently, been to launch an investigation into how The Bristol Blogger came to get a copy of their aimless and pointless Citizens’ Jury on Waste Report before most councillors.

Or that’s what Tory Councillor John Goulandris is claiming in a question to the Full Council next Tuesday:

Q6: What investigations have taken place into why the report was available on a blog site whilst being denied to Councillors?

Well that’s time and money well spent isn’t it? Particularly coming on top of the £100k already pissed away on the Citizens’ Jury process.

Anyway – to save Goulandris listening to the drivelling, snivelling shite that passes as a response from the Bristol Labour Party to any question ever put to them – the reason The Blogger got the paperwork before councillors is simple: the Labour administration deliberately withheld it from them.

What’s to investigate?

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