Labour Party funding: beyond farce

New rumour circulating is that the latest Labour donor under the microscope is Joseph Waugh, a bicycle shop manager from the North East. There must be a lot of money in bicycle shop management ’cause Mr Waugh donated £50,000 to the Labour Party in February 2006.

Meanwhile the Labour Party has launched an investigation into the whole affair fronted by some soft-headed ex-bishop and reporting to the party chairman, er . . . Harriet Harman! Herself at the centre of the scandal.

Much, much, more to follow as The Blogger learns that the Sundays have unleashed their political and investigative teams to pore over planning applications in the North East . . .

UPDATE: Here’s a poorly reported gem: Lib Dem leadership hopeful Chris Huhne appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics today opposite the perma-tanned creep, Exeter’s Labour MP Ben Bradshaw.

In a lively spat Huhne openly accused the Labour Party of selling honours. Bradshaw announced that this was libellous. Huhne’s response? Serve a writ then!

Will that writ ever arrive we wonder? An open discussion in the High Court of Labour’s funding arrangements would certainly make for good sport. Bring it on!

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