Whoops! Green councillor shoots himself in foot!

Philip Street graf
Photos by _saturnine

It’s more bad news for Bristol’s backfiring green machine . . .

Ho, ho, ho . . .

Looks like Bristol Green Party’s uncanny knack to tune right in there on public opinion strikes again.

Ha, ha, ha . . .

You may recall The Blogger’s recent report about Southville Green councillor Charlie Bolton’s efforts to get rid of some graffiti on Philip Street that created a minor outcry on his blog.

Oh my aching sides . . .

Consequently super confident Bolton – obviously knowing his constituents only too well – responded:

Well, I find your comments something of a surprise.

I look at your pictures, and see two lists and a not very good Jam-type lyric myself.

Still, I’ll tell you what I will do.

There is a list – the Greater Bedminster Community Forum – of which I am a member (link on the rhs of this page – you are entitled to join)

I will ask people’s views on there. If there is a lot of support for retaining the images, well, fair play.

He, he, he . . .

And the people’s response to Bolton’s leading “Art or dross” question on the Greater Bedminster Forum?

If the owner is not bothered by or is unaware of this graffiti and its not abusive, who are we to say whether it should stay or go? Personally, I like it and am much more bothered by the enormous billboards that dominate the end of my road. Councillors, please dont waste too much time on this!

Totally agree. Billboards are an oppressive eyesore throughout the Bedminster area. Is planning permission, once granted, there forever? If these could be removed it would feel much more like home to communities living here, rather than a commercial industrial park. Then maybe there would be less motivation to indulge in the more disaffected type of graffiti.

I’m with Alice on the bill boards. I’m told that folk in St Werburgs waged a successful campaign to get bill boards (commercial graffiti!!) removed in their area.Does anyone know more about this? Is it true?

I think it’s important for society to allow it’s members to express themselves and to develop thinking that allows society to grow. However I don’t think that graffiti is necessarily the answer. If it is with the consent of the building holder and it’s not an eyesore (and we all have different views on that) then that’s okay.

I’m well so with the ‘lets not remove it’ brigade.

Okay, so this graffiti is a bit hackneyed, but when’s the last time you saw thought-provoking libertarian statements on commercially approved signage? At least this isn’t requesting/demanding that we part with cash! It could just be that the council disapproves of it for this very reason. (skeptic? moi? Si!) And the hackneyed statement IS thought provoking for people who have not yet grappled with the libertarian concepts it espouses, and there are one or two young people in this town, I gather, some of whom may be inspired to think for themselves as a result of seeing this graffiti.

We’re bombarded with adverts ALL THE TIME, so this is a breath of fresh air.

Well that’s pretty unaminous then. The people have spoken and the billboards plastered all over Southville are indeed dross and need to go.

So let’s hope Charlie steps up to the plate. The clear message is: leave the graffiti alone and go pick on someone your own size and get rid of all those ugly billboards owned by multinationals in Southville instead.

That should keep you busy Charlie. And do let us know how you get on. No doubt all those planning officers that allegedly work for you will be ever so helpful.

Ha, ha, ha . . .

(Helpful hint: you might want to start by finding out how many of these billboards even have planning permission. Then you can observe how keen your planning officers are to do their jobs and issue planning enforcement notices against the companies responsible. From this you should get a pretty clear idea who really owns the streets of our city. Will it be us – through our elected representatives and their planning officers – or will it be Clear Channel – a shower of far right dickbuckets from the US – assisted by our very own planning officers?)

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6 Responses to Whoops! Green councillor shoots himself in foot!

  1. Archie says:

    Didnt know that Phillip Street was in Southville these days, boundaries do chop and change so much. Besides, I do believe that the building in the picture is now rented by some local “Artists”, perhaps Charlie should speak to them if it is annoying the residents of Phillip Street that much.

  2. Natali says:

    🙂 And while he’s at it, he could have a go at making some of the walls near the Create Centre legal for people to paint. They’re only holding up the road, and the old graffiti looks tatty now.

  3. Charlie Bolton says:

    A fair cop, really.

  4. North bristol resident, but... says:

    See, I think this is actually a really good thing. Councillor comes out with what they think, puts it to people, they disagree, councillor changes mind. Good on charlie for doing this. I guess the only criticisms would be not putting the issue to the forum in the first place, and for falling into the standard councillor trap of ‘people must dislike this so i’ll do something about it’.

    On the first one, i guess you can’t be ruled by an issues forum over every point, but on the second, i hope charlie’s learned now to be less instinctively like the stereotypical councillors with which he’s doubtless surrounded!

  5. Keren says:

    Nice response Charlie Bolton.

    Anyone know where we can find some more grown-up councillors?

  6. Keren says:

    Sorry just have to say something else. I followed the link provided to find out who it is that’s quoted in the main piece saying the message in this piece of graffiti is hackneyed, but that there may be less enlightened beings out there who might benefit from reading it.

    Strangely I couldn’t find it amongst the posts, although all the other quotes are there.

    Let’s hope whover it was has been banished for being such a patronising bastard.

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